Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let’s get Lost together!

Tonight is the night…the night that we have waited months and months for…The last season of Lost starts.  It’s going to be sad to see Zack and my favorite show coming to an end.  This is one show we have never missed an episode.  If we happened to not be home one night that it was on we would make a “date” and watch it online. 

We have been there from the beginning and we will be there until the end.  I can not wait to find out what happens and how everything unfolds.

Are you gonna get Lost with me?



Anonymous said...

I believe you already know this,but we've never seen an episode of it! But we are like ya'll when it came to "Monk".We already miss that show.
Now you know though that we don't miss an episode of iCarly either ha ha

Wendy said...

We'll be there! Thank god for DVR, we have football until 8:30!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be "lost" tonight. I cannot wait!!!

Kelli said...

I will be right there with you! We are SO excited we can hardly contain ourselves. I have never been so excited for a show to end, only because I want to know how it all comes together.