Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas – Wrap Up

We were busy busy this month and over the week of Christmas.  Christmas Eve we did our normal little tradition of riding around and looking at Christmas lights in our pj’s.  I was disappointed this year that there just wasn’t the lights like there had been in previous years.  Kelsie was ready to come home before we even made it through one neighborhood. 
december 2009 017
Christmas Day was a whirlwind of excitement.  Santa brought Kayla and Kelsie lot’s of what they wanted and a few extra goodies.
december 2009 022  Kayla got a Maxi Kick Scooter {this thing is so cool, it’s like surfing, instead of the handle bar turning you lean and it glides along}, an umbrella {something she has been asking to have for the past few months and lot’s more.  Santa knew she needed a new bedding set as well.  Kelsie got a Disney Fairies bike, a camera, Little Pet Shop big house and lot’s more.
december 2009 032
After Santa visited our house and we played for what seemed like only just a little while. {time flies when your having fun}  We went over to Zack’s moms house for Christmas dinner and gift unwrapping with his family.  It was utter chaos there so I don’t have many photos at all. 
december 2009 039
Kayla got the New Moon board game, and the New Moon movie book with all the juicy behind the scenes stuff, a necklace, pajamas, and a DS game {she got a DSi from her sperm donor}. 
december 2009 045
Kelsie got the Princess in the Frog doll {she is collecting all the Disney Princess dolls}, a necklace, Tinkerbell lip gloss set, clothes, pj’s, and a Tinkerbell doll.
I have some amazing gifts that I will be showing y’all as I put them up around the house.  I can’t wait!! 
We left the day after Christmas going to my brothers house in Bama…they had gifts for the girls and we were set to play Dirty Santa. 
december 2009 051
Kayla received a designing set by Project Runway from Amanda.   She is very into fashion, loving to draw different designs and what not so this was perfect!
december 2009 055
Kelsie received the cutest dog with a carrier, leash, bowl, bone etc…She named it Cocoa at first and soon named it Sophie.  She kept wanting to take it to walk on our trip home, hehe.  She is too funny.
december 2009 058
The girls each got gifts from Mike and Kay {my brother and sister n law}.  Kayla got a much needed new boom box.  She received 3 cds from Santa and wasn’t able to play them, except through her rigged up cd player and disc man. {smart girl how she did it, but it just wasn’t something that could be used permantly}.
december 2009 060
Kelsie got a DS…she actually squealed when she got it opened and she hugged it too!  I have never seen her so excited about something, ever!  She had to give hugs out immediately….
december 2009 064 december 2009 065december 2009 066The girls also got DS cases so that they could keep their system and games in one spot.
We headed over to Mamaw and Papaw’s house for the girls to unwrap their gifts there.  This is Kay’s mother and daddy.  They love the girls so much and think of them as their grandkids as well and wanted to pick up some little something for them.
december 2009 073
They each got the Nintendogs game.  Kayla always played with Kay’s Nintendogs game when we would come up so they were very excited.  This is the cutest game and it’s highly recommended if you have kids that want a dog.  You have to feed, water, bathe, play with and even walk it! 
After that we went back and played Dirty Santa…I didn’t get hardly any pictures…but here is what I did get.
december 2009 078
Here is Amanda explaining how to play….
december 2009 080
The gift I picked, I got LUCKY and got to keep it!  A spice rack, I’ll show it too y’all later in my kitchen.
And the only other photo I got was of Amanda…she got a gourmet set of hot cocoa…She puts these little packets in her coffee and they are delish!
december 2009 083
Kayla got an electronic bank that counts the money as it goes in. {it was a gift we bought for Dirty Santa and she wanted it, haha}  Zack got Starbucks coffee mugs.  Love these!  I’ll have to show them soon as well….It was loads of fun. 
We had an awesome Christmas and are very blessed with the family that we have!


Kelli said...

Whoa baby, what a fun time. Those are some great gifts that the girls got. I love the hugging of the DS! Happy New Year.

Heatherlyn said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year too!

Amanda said...

Fuuuuun! You got lots of good pics! I'm so glad yall came up and got to spend some time with us! I actually have a video of Kelsie getting her cute :)

Lilith Silvermane said...

How cool! They look so happy! I love them all and can only imagine the squeals.

Glad ya'll had a fun time!

Kay said...

We had a wonderful time with y'all as always:) We are a blessed family!