Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Award! I Have Slacked.

I am lucky to have ever won any awards and then I am a horrible blogger for not posting them!  So long over due…here we go!

From Kelli


For this award I have to say 10 honest things about myself…Ok…digging deep here. So her goes nothing!

  1. I love Edward Cullen.  Ok, so yes I know that I a little old to have a fascination for a guy from a book/movie but he’s so dreamy!   Who doesn’t love him?!
  2. I have a new found love for John Mayer.  I have noticed that my music choices are changing as I get older.  I remember my rap phase, country phase, and then alternative.  Although I do have a likeness for it all, I am more of an easy listening gal now!
  3. I have OCD for things being in there places but I hate doing it. I am so bad in fact that I have to go through the kids book shelves and line up the books from tallest to shortest every couple of weeks because it will drive me nuts otherwise.
  4. I love coffee.  I can’t get enough of it.  I would much rather have coffee to drink then any other drink.  Ok.  Wait a minute, I love my sweet tea too!
  5. Chocolate syrup….When I fix Kelsie chocolate milk I have been known to throw back the Hershey’s bottle and chug a little! *don’t act as if you haven’t!*smiles*
  6. I eat peanut butter from a spoon on a daily basis.
  7. I grew up eating hardly anything but cheese and peanut butter (not together of course)
  8. I used to play QVC when I was little.  I would go into my mothers huge walk in closet and pretend to be a host.
  9. I secretly had a crush on my “boy” friend when we were growing up.  We never did date or even kiss.  We were just friends.  I was scared to act on it because I was scared he wouldn’t return the same feelings and that our friendship would be ruined.  We played together every afternoon after school for years!  From the time we were in 2nd grade and still hung out up until high school.  I think that if we wouldn’t have moved to FL when I was 15 that I would have taken him to my prom or vice versa.  (we went to different schools)
  10. I have never loved anybody so madly or deeply as I do Zack.  I sometimes want to turn back time and meet him earlier so that we could have shared everything together rather then with other people.

Wow those were some good ones!  Bet only those who know me in real life knew those things and there might have even been something there that you might have known either! *smiles*


Heatherlyn said...

I like the honest scrap award because I get to learn more about the blogger! Your list was very interesting!

I often wish I could go back in time with my husband and spend that time with him too!

I think your OCD is a blessing in disguise. It keeps your bookshelves neat and clean. I wish I had a little more OCD in me!

Sherri said...

I knew them all except for your love for easy listening:)

Kelli said...

Yeah! I'm so excited that you did this. It's so much friend learning more about my friends. I wish I was a little more actively OCD. I love things in order.

JC said...

Wow, this is my first time seeing the Honest Scrap award. I'll have to start paying better attention when I travel around the blog world.

I like this one and your answers are so unexpected.

PS- I eat peanut butter from a spoon too just like my Grandpa did ;)

Wendy said...

The QVC thing is funny! I used to watch it when I was little. Still do occasionally.