Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Designing a Pottery Barn Inspired Playroom

Ok, I am really researching on this playroom.  Mainly because I don’t have the budget to go and buy everything all at once! 
We are staying with the tan on the walls because A) the kids decided this {I think it’s because they are sick of paint colors changing unless it’s in their rooms and because if I paint it will just take longer to finish} B) because we painted this room not that long ago.
Plus since the kids want to keep the dark red and navy colors this matches perfectly! 
Although I do have curtains in this room, I am debating on doing one of two things.  One is maybe buy some fabric and add to them because they only go half way down the wall, sorta silly looking OR I may just cut them and hem them up to make valances with them.  Just not sure yet.
The furniture finally got moved around last night and I am really liking it.   We are going to be purchasing a shelf for our printer to go on the wall above the computer desk.  This will free up space on the floor because of a filing cabinet that is currently housing it. 
So onto the pretty part!
I love Pottery Barn, and it’s not a surprise to anybody that visits my blog often.  *smiles*  I am using that as my inspiration.  I have ripped out pages from their catalogs and I am ready to get crafting!
Check out that basket with chalk board labels and twine hangers.  Yep, I’m doing it!  I am going to just buy a piece of wood and cut it and sand it to these same dimensions, slap some chalk board paint on, drill some holes for twine and easy PB project for way less.
Do you see this table with storage bins?  {drooling over here}  There is one at that is SO similar, and at only $112 it’s much more affordable than this $349 one!  I will be getting one soon for this room.   Gotta save for it though.  We also buy Christmas this time of year…so it may take a little longer than planned.
I have one of those picture frame room dividers in here that has 12 spaces for photos.  I am thinking on what to do with it.  I have a paint color in mind to paint it but as far as what to put in there, I have not a clue!  Nope, not a place to display their art work.  I already have something for that.  I am thinking something with art like this…(the number 4 right there….I think some numbers and letters maybe similar with different primary colors to match the color scheme.)
See these buckets….they are in the $1 section of Target!
I can’t wait to get this room all put together.  I will show y’all some pictures of it rearranged soon.


Kelli said...

Love it! I love PB too and I should look to it more for inspiration. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Heatherlyn said...

You have some really great ideas for how to get the same look for a lot less. I'm excited to see how it turns out when you get it all done. I also really appreciate that you are on a budget like the rest of us. Our rooms here are decorated one bit at a time!

Wendy said...

I saw something pretty similar to that bottom picture at the Dollar General I believe. They were on clearance with the summer stuff. Same red color, it was like 4 of those buckets attached and they had a handle