Monday, June 29, 2009

Updating that Gold Mirror

This gold mirror has been in our house for ever since I can remember.  It was in pictures of myself when I was a little girl.  You know the pictures where the child is holding the mirror and the photo is taken from the mirror image…Anyways.  I inherited it when we got this house from my parents.June 2009 032

Well, it was gold, not my decor taste, I’m a brushed nickel and black sorta girl.  I wanted to paint it black but never did get out the paint and do it.  I only have black spray paint and the thought of taping things off and such really get old sometimes.

I wanted a quick change, so I grabbed some brown paint that we had and went to work…painting and wiping until I got an aged feel to it and I love it!

 June 2009 024

The garland is coming up tomorrow, along with some decor below the mirror.


Amanda said...

Love that mirror! Muchos better than the crass brass :)

Robin @ My Blessed Nest said...

Hey Girl, great job on the that aged quality! Love your new blog design...adorable little birdhouses! Thanks for traveling with us on helped to make it seem even more special!