Tuesday, June 30, 2009

4th of July Raggamuffin Garland

I have made quiet a few of these funky things since seeing them on other blogs…One for each girls room, one for my mother…one for our den, now located in the laundry room…one for fall and now one for the 4th!
I was at JoAnn’s Fabrics a couple of weeks ago…For the first time ever I must add…and saw the coolest thing ever…Fabric quarters already matched up!  So what on Earth did I think of?  A raggamuffin garland!
I got home and started ripping up that fabric and cutting up ribbons…And let me say any stress that you might have is washed away with the ripping of fabrics!
I debated on where to put it…And then I just stuck it up somewhere just to get it out of the way until I found a place and whatdaya know!?  It got stuck in the best place!
June 2009 024
I had a few left over scraps and they went into the candy dish below.  Oh and I finally got those ball candles!  My mil got them for me for my birthday!! 


Rambling Girl said...

Love it! I have some material to make me one.

Kelli said...

How cute. I have no 4th of July decor...gasp!

Darlene said...

I posted my ragamuffin garland today too and it looks like they are almost alike!!

Elise said...

Um...are we separated from birth?? I made a patriotic rag garland, too, AND put the scraps in a mason jar!! Hahaha!! So cute!!

Lilith Silvermane said...

I LOVE your artistic side. It's so funny.. moving into this new house I keep telling Dave.. "Oh.. I need to take a picture and get some ideas from Joanne on how to decorate it!

I have tons of pics to send ya.... :)

Love what you have done!