Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How Not to Make Cupcake Pops!

Everybody, I am sure has seen or at least heard about the cupcake pops from Bakerella.  Here is a cute picture of how they should turn out…
Photo source Bakerella
We decided to make these for Kayla’s birthday party.  Thinking that they would turn out a huge hit because they seemed to tickle Martha Stewarts fancy and become a “good thing”, we tempted to make these.  Following the recipe perfectly.  We didn’t change anything but the cake…we used chocolate instead of red velvet. 
Our journey….
The cake was made on Friday night to allow for enough time to cool. 
Saturday morning the cake was put into the food processor and the cream cheese frosting was added.  Things went down hill from there.  It was a cake battery mess.  We had to freeze the mixture to get the balls to form. 
The mixture had to sit in the freezer while making the balls.  Things were not looking good. 
Once the balls were formed and the cupcake making began…it was disastrous.  The mixture was too gooey to do a thing with.  So we had to keep the ball forms and go with cupcake balls on a stick.
It took two of us dipping and sprinkling to keep them from melting…Not the dipped chocolate but the ball itself.  We had the styrofoam block but could NOT use it.  The balls were falling off!  No, my house was not hot it was a cool 75 degrees inside. 
Some of the balls could not be picked up they were stuck to the cookie sheet and the sticks came out…SO we improvised.
June 2009 117
We drizzled white and milk chocolate on these and crushed up M&M’s all over.  They looked like (as Amanda said) a party. 
They all had to sit in our freezer to keep from melting.
June 2009 119
Then it was time to serve….
June 2009 150
Standing up in a cute flower pot….They looked adorable! But as we all know looks aren’t everything!
There was only one little girl that ate them.  She ate two, one on the stick and then one of the drizzled ones.
One little girl took a bite, turned to her sister and said “what is in this?” threw it on her plate and said “that’s it, I’m not eating another bite”. 
I do NOT blame her.  They were terrible tasting.  It was like eating cake batter balls.  Cake batter is good.  I love licking the bowl and spoon, but this was grainy because of the cake being done and the flavor was off.  These were just not good and I will never make or serve these again!
We sat and thought and thought about what could have happened and what could have been done differently. 
We thought we should have used chocolate frosting instead of cream cheese.  We also thought about it should be mentioned that the cake should be completely dried out, nearly burnt.  And that if you live in a humid climate that you just shouldn’t tempt these.  We live in sunny Florida, the temp that day was 89 but the heat index was 97, because of all the humidity! 
Those will always remain what if’s!


Misti of Studio M Designs said...

I'm sorry, but that had me laughing out loud girl! Those look dreadful in the pan!!!!!! I have had some major baking disasters before too. I am a great cook, like dinner food, not such a great baker. Not in the least!

Oh I just saw my blog on your blog roll, and why oh why did it choose to show that dark Christmas picture? grrrrrrrrrrrr!


Lilith Silvermane said...

Aww... honey... those look.... well... poor cake batter.

You should have a funeral!

Darlene said...

So sorry those didn't work for you. They do look like a big mess....oops

the undomesticated wife said...

Well, it looked like you turned a lemon into lemonade..until the kids wouldn't eat them! ;)

I love a good cake ball though.

Wendy said...

Oh no! So... you're saying that being several hours south of you, I shoudlnt attempt these? lol!