Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Visits, Beaches and Birthday Parties

What day is it?  Oh ok, Monday….I am in a daze, literally.  I never realized why my momma never stayed up late when I was younger.   Now I know the reason.  You need sleep, or at least I do. While Amanda and Kay (niece and sil), my eyes didn’t shut before 3AM.  And the wake up call was no later then 9AM.  Oh my! 
But we had tons of fun.  There was not no time to a thing.  Although Bessie (the sewing machine) did make a trip down, she went unused.  I did however buy fabric, but there was no time to sit and sew anything. 
We went to the beach on Friday and spent the majority of the day.  After that Amanda and I went to Hobby Lobby because I needed to get party supplies for Kayla’s party.  And there would have been time to sew that night but instead we had to rip up fabric for the craft project for the girls at the birthday party.  While we were ripping we watched Twilight!
Saturday morning we had to get up and get dressed, the house picked up and the back porch decorated for the party before 12, oh and not to mention exchange flip flops for the craft as well.  I bought the wrong size…6 pairs of the wrong size in fact.  Oh and we had to make the infamous cupcake pops from Bakerella.  Which I must add, they turned out dreadful.  We followed the recipe to a “T”.  Maybe it was the Florida humidity, our heat index that day was 97…or maybe it was because that the day was setting up to be a failure. 
After the party we wanted to go out to Pier Park and also eat some seafood.  Our original restaurant fell through because we weren’t going to have time to eat and then shop.  So we ate at one of the seafood restaurants at the strip mall.  Guy Harvey’s, luckily it was really good.  Of course we didn’t even get to eat dinner that night until 9pm…Kelsie was so fussy…it was just miserable for her.
So…here are the pictures that are from this busy yet fun weekend.  We are trying to plan out for the Fourth of July for them all to come back and this time no pressure, no stress, no plans. 
The Beach
June 2009 086
Kay and Kayla
June 2009 087
June 2009 088
Me and Amanda
June 2009 090
Eating chicken wings on the beach…Oh yea, no sandwich’s for us, thanks!
June 2009 095
June 2009 112
Half way through the day we put the kids rash guards on to keep from slathering them in sunscreen. 
June 2009 113
The pirate ship that came by and shot off not one but three cannons, scaring the death out of us all!
June 2009 102
June 2009 097
June 2009 096
Kayla’s birthday party
June 2009 131
This was the only picture that I could get of Kayla, she and her friends were swimming and playing so much she wouldn’t stop…She didn’t here either..this is the reason is on the far edge of the photo.
June 2009 134 
Amanda and Mira
June 2009 136
June 2009 137
June 2009 139
Flip Flop crafting time!
June 2009 149
Add some an ice cream with pick your own toppings!  This was the biggest hit!
June 2009 169
All the girls feet in their flip flops…Kay, Amanda and I made a pair as well about midnight on Saturday night. 
That was our busy weekend…Coming up I will post how not to make those cup cake pops!  I do have crafts that I crafted the week prior…several in fact that I will post this week for ya’ll to see.


Sherri said...

Really really busy but lots of fun...ok,you and Amanda are going to kill me,but in that pic of ya'll at the beach,are ya'll going for the Kate Gosselin look? :)

Molly said...

You look adorable at the beach! And that flip flop craft is so cute!

Darlene said...

All of the pictures are GREAT!!! Sounds like a great time at the beach! Those flip flops are absolutely ADORABLE!!!! What a fun B/D party craft.

Robin @ My Blessed Nest said...

Looks like I'm not the only busy one!! Great beach fun!!

Nancy said...

Joanna, There is so much Summer fun going on here...from the beach to the CUTE Flip Flops!!! Love it!

Kelli said...

Wow, that all looks like a ton of fun...especially the beach. I love the beach in that area! I'm glad that party turned out well. I love the flip flop craft...too cute.