Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How to Save Money on Electricity and Water

With costs of everything rising these days I am sure that you aren’t the only one looking to cut corners and pinch pennies.  As a matter of fact we are cutting everything that we can think of.

Here are some easy things that you can do to increase the amount of money in your pocket book!

  • Stop using your clothes dryer.  An electric dryer typically uses $.30 to $.40 per load.  So if your drying 8 loads per week that’s nearly $13 a month you could save by hanging your clothes out to dry.  If you happen to live in a subdivision with rules that forbid you from hanging your clothes outside, that is ok too.  Just hang them in your house on hangers.  It may take them longer to dry but look at the money your saving.
  • Keep your blinds and curtains closed.  On those hot days when the sun is barreling through your windows, closing your blinds and curtains can really make a difference.  I love sun just as much as the next person, think about the heat coming in and your air unit having to run to keep that heat at bay. 
  • Use those ceiling fans.  This is a great idea, but you have to be careful or you will waste power.  Ceiling fans come in different sizes and you need to make sure you have the right size for the room it is in.  A fan with blades 29-36 inches won’t cool a room that is 150 sq ft.  So make sure to check the square footage of a room before shopping for a fan.  Just make sure to turn them off when you leave the room!
  • Instead of using the steam dry on your dishwasher, open the door up after the wash is complete.
  • Buy a hot water insulator.  I remember when I was little our hot water heater was in the basement and my parents bought this for ours.  I was too young to know if it saved money but it makes sense.  The water heater works non stop heating the water in tank.  If it’s insulated then it will keep the water warmer, which would result in the water heater not running as much.
  • Clean your air filter….this may seem silly, but lot’s of people don’t change their air filter as often as they should.  Which results in your air unit running a lot more! 
  • Have you noticed how much money is wasted while you shave in the shower?!  Put a little water in the tub (just an inch or so) and sit on the side and shave…this can save money on your water bill.  And I am not sure about where you live but our water is SO high here in the Panhandle. 
  • Make sure there are no water drips going on anywhere.  Whether it’s outside at one of your faucets of the tub.  Make sure it’s not dripping!  Those drips add up quick.

These are just a few things you can do to save money monthly on your power and water bill.  What are some ways you cut costs?


Ruffles and Rhinestones said...

Thanks for all the tips! Some of these we do already...every little bit helps!:)

Kelli said...

This is a great post...great information to share. Thanks!

Thena said...

My husband is begging me to let him put up a clothes line, but I just don't know. Some conveniences are just too hard to give up.

Elise said...

Great tips!! I would love to have a clothesline, but we don't have much yard space. :( I am not all about hanging them up around the house, either. So I waste money, I suppose...