Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Fitness Challenge…My Plan

So, I had an email (from a fellow participant) this morning asking me how I have lost 8lbs in two weeks and how it’s just not healthy, and I must be starving myself.  (thank you for your concern)  To be quiet honest, I didn’t plan on losing this much a week.  My plan was to lose the healthy 2lbs a week. 

So before this started on March 30th, I was not exercising at all.  The only movement I would get was to and from my computer or couch.  Yes, I cleaned house, washed clothes, the normal house work and mother stuff, but other then that, I didn’t do anything.  To top it off, I was not drinking water, just sweet tea, all day and coffee.  My eating habits..Let’s just say that I ate everything junk related and my portions were more then what they should have been.  I was always munching on something.  I am quiet surprised that I wasn’t heavier then that to start with.

When day one started, I stopped eating anything junk related.  Chips went from normal to baked, and I don’t even eat the serving size that it says on the bag!  My best friend is apple and peanut butter, because for one I can eat peanut butter from a spoon and apples are good for you.  Yogurt is like my sister…Always there for me.  I feel sinful eating some of the flavors that Yoplait has made…Boston Creme Pie, White Chocolate Covered Strawberries…the list goes on.  I don’t snack plain and simple and if I do, it’s a cheese stick and some peanuts or grapes, or something else that is healthy.  I eat popsicles, the sugar free ones because they are tasty and I need something when the kids are eating ice cream.   When I eat lunch or dinner it’s usually chicken or tuna fish, veggies and rice…I will eat hamburgers without the bun thanks!  We had hotdogs the other night…I didn’t eat a bun. 

So you see, I do eat.  I am not hungry at all except before bed, but that is because it’s almost midnight and I haven’t eaten since dinner (which is at 5pm).  Water is always with me.  I am constantly drinking it.  I am now finding my body craving it when I am thirsty.  I drink at least 64oz a day…More on the days I go jogging.

I am no longer craving the junk that I once was.  The Easter Bunny came and I didn’t even try to go after the chocolate in the kids baskets, I just didn’t want it. 

Exercise…I posted this the other day…Fitness Magazine Training.  This is my plan and I am sticking to it.  I have modified it as I get to the day because some days I can’t go 3 miles…And to be honest, I haven’t done more than 3 days a week.  But I do come home sweating like a pig after I go jogging.  I have noticed a huge difference in my recovery from when I jog to walk…I am not so out of breath and my sides aren’t aching.  I use the Wii Fit as well.  Not as much as I need too, but I do turn it on from time to time.  Weight lifting is another thing I do at least once a week.  This is key to revving up the metabolism. 

So you see dear emailer, I am fine..I am not starving myself, it is the tried and true way of dieting…Burning more calories then I have consumed.  It just so happens that my body has taken a liking to what changes that are going on.  It went from nothing to something.  Plain and simple. 


Kelli said...

You keep up the good work! I actually hear that it's pretty normal to lose a lot in the beginning and then as you go you lose, I think you're doing just fine with your plan.

Lisa said...

That is awesome that your fitness challenge is going well for you! I'm way too undisciplined to not eat everything! Ha! Thank goodness I play sports and stay active otherwise I would be a horrible blob. Don't worry about silly comments.

I did want to tell you one thing one of my trainers at bootcamp told me. I'm a pretty tall girl, 5'10" and weigh roughly 165 (give or take a few according to what day you ask) and my biggest problem (well besides no discipline) was still being hungry before bedtime and my trainer told me the best snack to eat was cooked oatmeal (the dry oats boiled on the stove) and she even said I could drop in about 3 blueberries. Oatmeal is so filling, even though I would much prefer it with brown sugar and butter but hey it works. Just thought I would share that tip with ya! :)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I think it sounds wonderful. Healthy choices can really pay off, and it seems that they are for you. I would love it if my efforts at healthy living would pay off that are lucky!

Nikki said...

It sounds to me like you are doing great! I need to jump on board.

Melissa at said...

Way to go. Sorry someone was giving you a hard time. I'm sure they were just a tad jealous of your success. Sounds like you've made a lot of healthy choices and it's paying off!

Palatable Picks said...

I admit it, I'm totally jealous!! :) Although I promise I'm not the one who emailed you, and I think it's great your making these changes. You've definitely motivating me to keep working really hard. I've been working my butt off and eating super healthy, but my body refused to lose much...well, eight pounds so far, that's not too bad, but still I wish I could have an big loss week like you...maybe it's still coming. I started at a higher weight so I'll probably always have a lower percentage unless everyone else stalls and I keep going ;) well, a girl can hope right. Any way, I just wanted to the person who gave you junk and yeah for your weight loss and good luck!!