Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Master Bedroom Makeover…No Budget..Part 1

Yes, you read that right…No budget makeover.  We didn’t have any money to make over our master bedroom, although we just redid it a couple of years ago…
So what did I do?
april2009 036After:
april2009 038With this makeover all I did was flip over our comforter…Yea, easy, I know…I also stole the pillows from our couch and put them here for a little extra! 
i know i am missing part of the bed down there (the other spindle), but kelsie stole it and i can’t find it!
Next up…Easy changes you can make to your nightstands!

1 comment:

Laura said...

I think both sides look great! Nice change for summer and I like how the pillows coordinate with the curtains! I wouldn't have even noticed the spindle if you didn't say anything, haha!

Laura :)