Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Finally...Finally, we are able to go without air or heat. The temperatures are perfect! (at least at the moment) Our ceiling fans are on high during the day and the windows are all open. The house gets warm, but nothing that we can't stand, as long as the cool breezes continue we won't have to turn that air on! Which in turn airs out our house and saves us some money! (bonus bonus!)

Praises!! Zack got a small raise the other day, by small I mean 1%. Well, it's still nothing to sneeze at. It will help us out. And I am hoping that Obama's new working people plan thing kicks in soon here as well. That will also be more in our pockets!

Zack has promised me that he will try and finish up the kitchen this weekend, but now we have other problems. He will be braving frigid water temperatures, because our pool has a leak in it. We have had to add water every other day, because it's dropping an inch or so. We haven't seen the ground wet around the pool anywhere, so we are at a loss to where it could be coming from. So, he has to get in this weekend. I am so glad I'm not the one that has to do that! *smiles*

Speaking of warm temps and the pool. Kayla is begging to get in the pool! I told her she would get sick. Which is probably true, but then again who really knows. Although I remember back when I was in 4th grade. I had a few friends over to play and it was spring, the water in the pool hadn't warmed up enough yet, but to our hands it was warm. (it's always warmer to your hands) Anyways. The girls and I ask to get in, mother of course wouldn't allow it. Well, what did we do? We went and put on swim suits and got in anyways. It was like ice! We swam until we got caught. Hehe. I won't be sharing that story with Kayla because I don't want her getting any ideas! *smiles*

I am working on some tutorials for my Blog Design business. Lot's of people have been emailing me and asking me some questions, so I thought that I'd share a bit of my knowledge. Is there anything you can think of that I should include? Is there anything that you'd like to do on your own? Let me know and I will include it in my tutorials, if it's easy. ;)

I am also working on loading up my IPOD with some songs for jogging. I have a list of about 10 but that won't get me far. What are some of your favorite songs to get you moving?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


Shannon said...

Cute little pic! I am SOOO ready for spring! We had warm temps this past weekend but now it is back to the 40's. :( I'm glad I do not have to get in that pool! :)

The Graves' House said...

aren't you glad that signs of spring of popping up! i'm getting my ipod ready for a little work of tune-up too. i also have been enjoying listening to some podcasts - getting some adult conversation while i'm on the treadmill.