Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Living Room Has Gone to the Wild and a 1.99 Steal!

So a week or so ago, I posted about these glasses and that table runner.  I am lucky enough to live in close proximity to two Targets.  So when the one in town didn’t have any more of those glasses, I headed straight to the beach….And guess what…They had them!  (thank you beach combers who do not have an eye for Zebra)  So now my coffee table is complete. 
jan2009 097 Sitting in a black tray with tea light candles in each glass, they look fabulous!
A little mod podge goes a long way when making over a picture frame…Adding a little wild touch.
jan2009 106
Thanks to my awesome niece,  Amanda, which by the way has an awesome blog…Y’all should check her out sometime and say hi…She made this super cute zebra print pillow, completel to my specs!  Thanks Amanda!  It looks fabulous!  She also made the girls each their own pillows as well.  I will show y’all later…I am encouraging her to open up an Etsy shop!
That little table runner…She adorns my cedar chest…
jan2009 100 I still haven’t added a picture to the picture frame…I have been debating on whether to add a zebra print matte inside around a picture, or a fancy monogram (what would you do?)  And the touch of cobalt blue…Well we have little touches of it all around…The candle holders….Well…Have a closer look I will tell you something…
jan2009 098
My MIL came over Saturday telling me of some things she purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond, she was describing something that I have wanted for awhile but haven’t had the $15 to buy them…And they are pricey everywhere you go…Well, she had them with her, I ask her if I could see them, she brought them in telling me she had stolen them…Well don’t call the police, because she only paid $1.99 a piece for them!  I told you she stole them. *smiles*  I said I wanted some too….That I have been wanting some for ever…The sweet MIL she is, she went and got me these beauties!!  Oh so thankful…Now ladies….What do you put on them?  I was thinking two round (like a ball) candles….Or maybe a couple of pillars…What would ya’ll put on them….For fall I know from reading all of your blogs, pumpkins, for Christmas, trees….But what about now?!?  Help a girl out!


Ashley's New Adventures said...

Cute! Cute! Cute! I think the ball candles would look nice.

Diane@A Picture is Worth.... said...

I love your touches of zebra print!
The candelsticks are a real 'steal'.LOL

jenjen said...

Everything looks so great! I like your zebra print. I added some zebra print pillows to my family room too! I think your idea of the ball candles will look great too!


Sandy Toes said...

I love the table with the cute! Everything looks great!
-sandy toe

Darlene said...

All of your zebra print touches look fabulous! WOW what a price on the candle holders!! I think the ball candles would look good on them right now.