Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bathroom Inspiration…

The kids/guest bath is a hard one to decorate.  The tile is pink on the walls of the shower and the tile on the floor, well she needs a good cleaning, but there are just so many colors.  I had noted before that I was going to put some other flooring over the ceramic tile, I have since changed my mind.  Just a good scrubbing is all she needs. 
And I have my eye on this shower curtain…Pink and brown go great together…And the touch of aqua…It’s in the floor!  Perfect.  She’s on sale at the moment at Target, let’s hope that ours still has one this weekend.
Product Image
The walls I plan on going the same creamy color that the background of that curtain is.  I think it will help tone down the pink. *smiles*  For a rug on the floor, I was thinking chocolate, or maybe a creamy color as well.  Probably chocolate though.  Help bring that color around more. 
I will repaint the cabinet white..I am also going to do a couple of floating shelves above the toilet area.  I will add some pretty somethings there.  I am sure that I can find something.  I can look at the clearance areas of course.  (bathroom on a budget!)
For towels, I want to do chocolate and that aqua color. 
Oh oh, some choc picture frames with some prints of something with some aqua, to help bring that color in more. 
Loving this gorgeous image that I found online, I think that I will use it! *smiles*

I can’t wait to go shopping this weekend…I am excited.  I MAY even get it painted.  We shall see.  It depends on how my mouth is feeling.  The cold really seems to bother my left side.
I have shown ya’ll enough for now.  I will be posting pictures when it’s all finished. 
Oh wait, I wanted to do Kelsie’s room first.  Oh well. *smiles*


Ruth Ann said...

I love Robin Egg Blue! I thought about decorating some room in my house with that color! I even bought a little glass dome to put a little nest in as a display piece! Have fun decorating!
-Ruth Ann

Sandy Toes said...

Oh..I love that it!! Oh the possibilities with that are ENDLESS!
-sandy toe

The Graves' House said...

that shower curtain is so great! love your new blog design too...

Sarah said...

I have seen that shower curtain at Target and picked it up several times. We don't have the aqua color anywhere in our house (use more earth/rich tones). I am sure it is going to look great!

Nikki said...

Love the shower curtain! I can't wait to see when it's finished, but don't push it if your aren't up to it just yet.

Kelli said...

I'm getting ready to try and redo my kids' bathroom too! I like that shower curtain, classy. Good luck, I can't wait to see pictures.

Amanda said...

I love it! Mom has that same shower curtain in her bathroom & it looks great. I think it will help pull the pink together in yalls bathroom too!