Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday…Where Did You Go? Oh and An Amazing Deal!

Wow, it was gone in a flash…We had time to go to Target to pick up a few things..Where I wanted to get  these….
image I saw these a couple of weeks ago near the garden section.  They were sold individually….They are in fact drinking glasses but they are so big around that I thought of something else to do with them…Well, they are all gone..They were all on clearance and GONE!  So I guess I will tell you what I had planned on doing…I was going to get a charger plate (brushed nickel in color, if possible, I could have painted it) some seashells, small in size and one each of these.  Then I was going to buy two small led tea light candles and put inside them on the plate with the shells scattered around.  This was going to go on my coffee table…A very cute touch of zebra…Oh well…I will have to think of something else!
We went to Kohls because I haven’t been there in ages…I love their home decor stuff.  I found…a table runner…Well you know they are expensive…Not zebra print, but that is ok…because I love this print! 
blacktoile1 Guess what I paid….It was originally $29.99…what I paid…$6.41 and that was with tax!!  I almost fell over when I saw it….I am working on the place where it’s going…So you will have to wait and see how it turns out!
After those two places we went out to Zack’s mothers house…We were there from 4 until after 11 last night…Zack and his brother were installing this….
image It’s sorta like a peel and stick flooring, but it’s not.  Does that make sense?  Well it’s what is called a “floating” floor.  Very cool…It’s really pretty and it’s a lot more durable than the Pergo that we have on our floors.  I will show pictures once it’s all done.  They painted the room (the family room), the boys installed the flooring and she has new furniture coming in on Wednesday…I can’t wait to see the finished room!
I was pretty mad though considering the time and a couple of other things…The girls and I wouldn’t have went but Zack said that he was only suppose to start the floor for her.  She took tomorrow off from work to get it finished by Wednesday.  But Zack said that as smoothly as it started going that he and Brandon and thought they would just finish it for her…(thoughtful of them)
I ended up leaving and going next door to drink Mojitos with Rebecca (SIL) because Zack’s grandmother gave both of my girls coffee as well as Mirah…I do not give my kids coffee.  Kelsie had never even had it before.  All the kids were running through that house like they were crazy.  It was all that caffeine they were hyped up on.  Nobody ask my permission nor did anybody let me know what was even going on.  I was watching them install the floor…And the next thing I knew they were talking about the coffee that they had just drank.  My nerves were on edge.  But while at Rebecca’s, I did watch Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.  I had not seen DH since the first season…it was good…And I had never even heard of Brothers and Sisters and it was good too!
So I have a couple of shows now that I have to add to my routine!
I will be doing laundry and working on some things to show y’all tomorrow!
I will also be announcing a winner sometime today for the free blog design as well…Thank you all that entered!


Shannon said...

Those little Zebra cups were so cute. Too bad you didn't get any because your idea was so cute!! That is crazy about the coffee!

Darlene said...

Coffee for the little kids....good grief! Those zebra cups were cute! I LOVE Desperate Housewives...always have!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I just watched Desperate Housewives on my DVR today, and of course I cried. It was a good one. I think it's been good this season! Uh-oh, now you have to watch every week!

Sherri said...

I saw those zebra things in the Target ad just last night and thought of you.
Going to let you know it's SNOWING here...yeah,really nothing though and I'm sure it will not even stick:(

As you know,I've been drinking coffee all my life so I let the kids have coffee,but not everyday(usually)but I will say that it does put me off a little to read how some people act as if it's some kind of POISON:)A little coffee never hurt anyone (even caffeinated,although I use decaf)
but I do have to say that grandma should have asked you or Zack if you minded if the girls had some.