Monday, January 26, 2009

Organization…Here I Am! Pantry and Cabinet in the Laundry Room…

The other day I posted about a couple of bloggers doing some organizing, you can read what I wrote here

Well people, I did some of my own organizing, and although it’s not as pretty as others, it’s organized and I am happy with the results.

Here are the befores….

jan2009 088 The pantry…A mess!  Look at the bottom…OH MY!  I can’t believe I am showing these to the world.  *shame*

jan2009 089 The cabinet above my dryer….It’s a mess…All of this is Zack’s except for a couple of things of spray paint.

And for the afters….

jan2009 090 Ahhh…I can breath again….The top shelf is breakfast stuff…cereal, oatmeal, pop tarts, muffin mix…The basket is holding hot chocolate mixes.  The second shelf is spaghetti noodles, bread crumbs, canned items…(all in neat rows!) The third shelf is our “snacks” from chips to the basket full of Little Debbie cookies and pies, to fruit roll ups, pop corn and granola bars.  And a box of crackers on the side.  The 4th shelf is baking goods….Sugar, Flour, corn meal, cake mix, frosting, etc…And last but not least…The biggest transformation…All of those small appliances are now in a new a home neatly stored in a cabinet in the kitchen.  We left our Hulk Hogan (piece of crap) grill because it’s too tall to go anywhere else…And now I have a place for my water…It was previously just sitting on the floor!  Much better!!

jan2009 091 This cabinet was easy peasy….Because most of it was trash!  On the top is Zack’s various things that he uses….Not sure what all they are…Oh and the kids bubbles…The coffee container is holding nuts, bolts, and such.  The second shelf…The crate wasn’t even there, because there was no room for any of that stuff….What is it?  My paints and brushes!  Yay, they have a home instead of being shoved in my china cabinet.  Then the basket is my spray paints, adhesives and such.  Down in the bottom…A container full of Zack’s things again, a place for our trash bags, not previously located here and a piggy bank.  It’s misplaced for good reason.  Zack made him in school when he was younger and Kayla has been trying to color him…Yes, I did say Kayla, my almost 10 year old!  She isn’t fond of the wood. (KIDS!)

So there you have it.  I am all organized!  Where can I go next?  Oh oh….just wait and see!!


Rambling Girl said...

Come on over to my house Joanna...I too need to get my pantry and drawers cleaned out....I have only been in my house since July and already crappy drawers...must get to work on those. I am looking for baskets for my pantry to gotta hit the thrift stores for those things.

Darlene said...

and after Rambling Girl's home you can come to mine and organize my pantry and cabinets. Mine is AWFUL compared to your "before" picture!

Shannon said...

I did some organizing this past weekend and it was so nice. YOur cabinets look great!! Doesn't it feel good?! :)