Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Must Be Crazy!

I was thinking…well actually I was working on a spring design for myself and got to thinking…I know that you all as well as myself likes to change up the design of our blogs regularly. 

So, I thought that I could offer something from my blog designs that would help you all out.  What is it you ask?  Well I am adding what’s called a “Seasonal”…With this you will get everything that is included with the makeover (a $40 value) and you get the option to change the design 4 times in one year from the date of purchase…For….$80.00! 

To see what’s all included in the makeover head here.  Oh and don’t forget the 20% off everything until Feb. 14th..That will include this, which if my math is correct will make this only $64!  Yea, I know, I must be crazy! *smiles*  Or maybe it’s all that chocolate I ate today.

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Susie Harris said...

Hey girl! You wont believe this but I was thinking about you while renaming my dumb computer. How do you do it? I mean yours looks so wonderful. Did you go to school for this stuff or has God just given you extra blessings on computer skills.... I think he forgot to pass my way on this stuff. I do kinda like how I have it about now. I would change a few things ...still thinking about what I want. Your designs rock~