Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Love Is In The Air and a Couple of Crafts

I love Valentine’s Day, I don’t care how commercial it is.  This holiday is about love and celebrating the love you have.  And the decorations are cute as well!
Here are my Valentine’s decorations and a couple of crafts.
In our kitchen you will find my little towels that I purchased from Kohl’s last year after V-day and only paid 1.99 for the two of them!
jan2009 102 A cute craft made with crayons, wax paper, and your iron.  This came from Martha Stewart.  She hangs them differently than I did, but none the less, they are still pretty.
jan2009 104 Of course I did take this picture at night…The sun really does shine through them and they are really pretty.  This is hanging over my kitchen sink.
On our dining room table, the kids each picked one placemat out.  The one with all the hearts is Kelsie’s the other one is Kayla’s.
jan2009 101 And with a couple of glass votive candle holders, like these….
jan2009 093 You can use this craft stuff….
jan2009 099 To make them look like these….
jan2009 105 I painted a trio of hearts on one and Love on the other.  They are so cute, I think! *smiles*
And last but not least, candy…yes, it’s for decorating! *wink wink*
jan2009 094 The little love sign always sits there but how cute for V-day!
Those are all of my decorations.  I don’t have many because this is the first year to really decorate for it.  So after Valentine's Day this year I will head to Target and pick up some things for next year.


Nicole said...

I love your valentines decorations. I need to geg my act together, I don't have one single valentines decorations in my entire house!

Darlene said...

Hi Joanna,

I'm not sure how I missed this post. I LOVE your Valentine decorations. Your crayon heart banner is too cute and I love your little painted votive candle holders!♥

Rambling Girl said...

Love your valentine decor...I didn't decorate for Valentines till this year and seeing so many that do...