Thursday, January 29, 2009

Morning Routines…A Look at Getting Inspired

The other day I was on The Inspired Room, reading this post.  It was titled The Five Minute Jump Start the Day Routine.  I read it wondering what could I do in 5 minutes to jump start my mornings, because in honesty, I pour my coffee and park my rear in front of the computer to check my blogs, post and read and respond to emails.

I was astonished to read some of the things other ladies were doing every morning.

I was inspired!  So, every day since Thursday, I have changed my routine in the mornings….It used to go…Wake up, pour coffee, fix Kelsie chocolate milk, get online….

Now, it’s get up, open all the blinds in the house, I noticed a lot of ladies were doing this to sorta open the house up for the day…I want you to know that you if aren’t already doing this, I recommend it…The sun shine or even the natural light on a cloudy day can really wake you up!  I actually feel refreshed opening all the blinds…I make our bed before I even leave the bedroom, I then head to Kelsie’s room and make hers up…I pour my coffee, and start a load of laundry, this of course has put a stop to that laundry monster.  I only do a load a day, this way I can put them away as soon as they are done.  Love it!

I wanted to thank everyone that posted a comment that inspired me that day.  It has changed my morning routines for the best and I feel more awake and more accomplished at the end of the day.

What are some of your morning routines?


Darlene said...

I always open up the blinds in our front room as soon as I get up.

My mornings are usually: start coffee, open blinds, feed animals and scoop litter boxes, get on the blogs for a bit, shower, make bed, then get Lexi up (on school days).

Sometimes it varies a bit but that is a usual morning routine.

Lisa said...

Sad to say I am horrible in the mornings, I'm always dragging and the kids wake ME up instead of reverse. Of course I stay up mostly studying so I have a good excuse. However, after reading your post it reminded me of something. My Grandmother (who I had lived with growing up & who is like a mother to me and I actually consider her to be)has a routine every morning AND chores/duties she does consistently on the same given days and she is always so disciplined and scheduled perfectly. She always wakes up, makes up her bed, opens all blinds then gets dressed cooks, etc. She has kept the same cleaning schedule as she has always done and never strays for her days to do each chore. For instance she always dusts and vacumns on Fridays. This lady will be 82 in March and I truly believe that it is because of her disciplined manner that she is still so self sufficient and thriving. She is a rock!
I on the other hand DID NOT inherit a lick of it!!! LOL!!! I tell myself all the time I need to be more like her but I stress myself out being something I am just not. :)

Your post just made me think of her and that. Matter of fact she too was born and raised in AL.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Thanks for your visit! I love routines as they make so much room for doing the things I really enjoy without letting the house go down the tubes. Gotta love Melissa and The Inspired Room!

Shannon said...

What I did with my shower curtain was I glued the fabrics together, hung it up and then folded the fabric over at the floor so I knew where to put my hem. It was so easy!

Amanda said...

I dearly want to have a fun morning routine, but I just can't make it work out that way. I already have my coffee pre-set the night before :)...morning: hit snooze twice, grab a towel & hop in for a quick shower, make a cup of coffee, put my face on and do my hair (sometimes makeup goes on in the car on the way to work), crank my car and let it defrost, put on clothes and RUN and I mean RUN out the door for a 45 min drive to work!

My bed only gets made on the weekends. Maybe if I only hit snooze once I could actually make it up!