Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going Under the Knife on Friday…

Yes, you read that right.  I will be having oral surgery on Friday around 12:30.  My wisdom teeth on the bottom are bothering me and so it’s time for them to come out.
I will be put to sleep, first time ever, so I am a little nervous.  The main thing I am worried about is the pain that I will be in.  I am allergic to codeine so the dr is going to prescribe Darvaset for me.  He actually said…”it may not be strong enough”.  OH WHAT?!  If that happens that he will give me Demeral instead.  Now you see…my surgery is on Friday…What happens if it’s not strong enough, I go through the weekend it absolute pain and turmoil.  So, do I just tell him that my pain level is so low and that I have already heard all these stories about wisdom teeth and the recovery (4 stories to be exact) and that I would rather be safe than sorry.
I have no idea.  I do know that I will experience lot’s of this….
image Apparently chipmunk cheeks is a phrase commonly used for this surgery by the professionals. 
I want to just sleep from the time I get home until the time the pain goes away.  Here I am talking about all this pain and I have no idea what it’s going to be like.  I just hate that they tell you to expect the worse.
Oh and to top it off.  I was just informed by my MIL that the family…brother n law and his wife, sister n law and her two kids, plus MIL and the grandmother are all wanting to come over Saturday, 1 DAY AFTER surgery (28 hours to be exact) to do a dinner and take pictures…
WHAT?!?  Yes, you read that right.  I mean hello, no consideration.  I did this on the weekend so that Zack could cater to my every beck and call.  So that if I needed to sleep I could do so without worrying about taking care of the kids because Zack will be home to do it.  I even made a menu and posted it on the fridge so that Zack would be able to make dinner for himself and the kids.  I am trying to get the house spotless so that he won’t have anything to do but sorta pick up what messes that he and the kids make. 
So say a little prayer if you will.  My nerves are already starting to get the best of me.  The best part of this whole thing…I won’t be eating so my diet will get a boost! *smiles*


Darlene said...

My prayers are with you that all will go smoothly and your pain will be manageable. I have never had mine taken out so I don't know what it is like at all. Just know I will be thinking of you and holding you in my heart and prayers on Friday and the days after.♥

The Graves' House said...

you will certainly be in my prayers this weekend. if i can give any advice... use those ice packs!!! and take pain meds every four hours, even if you don't think you need them at the time. it worked for me. kept that pain away. and i add the ice packs on all the time. everyone needs to respect you at this time. this is not an easy surgery. hopefully they will reschedule their visit and photos for another time. many blessings.

Laura said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by, now I have the chance to check out yours! I had one of my wisdom teeth pulled while I was pregnant with only a local! And I could only take Tylenol 3. It wasn't so bad but it was only one, now I have three other to do. Good luck, don't worry too much and don't kill yourself trying to get your house ready!

Laura :)