Saturday, December 13, 2008

Snowflake Crafts and a Ceramic Tree

The other day when I was doing my daily blog hopping, I ran across a snowflake craft that I wanted do as well.  I had never been able to cut snowflakes out of paper, it was an impossible task.  But at Shell in Your Pocket, Sandy Toes made some great snowflakes and posted the link that shows step by step on how to make them!  Thanks Sandy Toes…
So here are my snowflakes…Kelsie and I made them the other day and hung them on the lighting fixture over our table. 
november2008 161 They are easy to make, if I can you can too! *smiles*
When I was growing up there was a ceramic tree that we put in my bedroom every year.  When we moved away from Alabama we lost it somewhere along the way.  A few years ago we were shopping the day after Christmas at Target and found the exact ceramic tree.  This one now sits in the corner in my kitchen on the counter.  Boy does she bring back those Christmas memories…
november2008 164
Thank you for your happy wishes for me during this time.   Kayla and I did our Christmas shopping for Zack yesterday.  I didn’t get a chance to window shop at Hobby Lobby yesterday, but that is ok.  I did get a chance to look at all the beautiful Christmas decor at Target which made the day worth while.
Tonight Zack and I will be headed to his Christmas Party.  We are excited since this is the first one with this new company.  I will post pictures tomorrow.  We are getting all dressed up and we will be taking pictures in front of our tree.
I hope everyone has a great Saturday!


Darlene said...

My mom used to have one of those ceramic trees....I haven't seen it in years now. So pretty! You did a great job on the snowflakes and I'm sure Kelsie had a great time.

I can't wait to see you all decked out for your Christmas party. Have a great time!

Sherri said...

I didn't know you liked those little trees..I see them all the time at thrift stores and would have gotten you one years ago had I known:)

S said...

I haven't seen the "ceramic tree" in a while, brings back my own memories from childhood. Love your snowflakes. Hope you are feeling a little less blue. I think it happens to everyone at some point during Christmas. But you've had the sadness of losing your Mother which must be so much more difficult at Christmas.