Wednesday, December 17, 2008

She’s Making a List and Checking it Twice!

I still have a few last minute items to pick up for Christmas gifts.  My brother n law and his wife….towels for their bathroom..I am headed to Linens N Things tonight to check out their going out of business sale…And my mother n law…We are going to get her one other thing…I was thinking of a fry daddy, she has loathed after mine for a while. *smiles*
Then there is the DS that I had yet to take back for Kayla.  It’s going back tonight.  The Wii from her bio dad came today and there is no reason to get two video game systems.  So, when I return this I have to pick up a game for her…Part of the DS money was from my dad and the other part was from us..So I will be getting her two games…Plus I still haven’t picked up something for Kelsie from my dad.  He gave me money long ago for their Christmas and I have been holding onto Kelsie’s part.  Mainly because I don’t know what to get her!  She has so many things…And so little space to put it all in.  Maybe a Barbie house…She does love her Barbies.
There is a large box under the tree for me…I wonder what it could be…There are one of two options, I am leaning towards the latter…The first could be a Wii Fit.  But doubtful since you can’t find one in the stores or online…The other is the shiatsus massage thing I wanted.  If you haven’t tried one out, I suggest you head to your nearest Department store and take a seat.  It’s out of this world!
Oh and I finally got our Christmas cards printed up and mailed off yesterday! *smiles*
Here is what they looked like…..
Untitled-1 copy2
And a heads up…I will be posting a giveaway from Tiny Prints sometime today or tomorrow.  It’s a gift certificate!  And you still have time to get your cards made before the holidays. 
I still have some last minute food items to pick up as well.  We went to Publix the other day but I couldn’t find a couple of things so I decided to wait on getting them.  I guess that I will be fighting crowds to get some M&M’s, pretzels and other snack items for my yummy Reindeer Food.  *smiles*
Time is running out!


Darlene said...

I LOVE your cards...they turned out great! I still have to finish up my Christmas shopping.....

S said...

Oh my...what a beautiful family you are. The card picture is so perfect! I'm still doing last minute things that I should have done way back when. Alas, I might learn one ofgrumpe these years!

Rambling Girl said...

Love your cards Joanna! You have a beautiful family!

Have fun shopping! I don't have much left.

Amanda said...

Awww the cards are AWESOME! Hope I'm getting one in the mail :) OMG, i still have to go Christmas shopping this weekend. You know it is going to be packed and rediculous! Oh, and I want a Wii fit tooooo!

Lisa said...

Okay just had to tell you to check out LNT's website too because they have sale prices online only that are from what I gather lower than in store deals. I ordered a comforter set, with sheets, bedskirt, 2 decorative pillows, shams in Queen size and the total was $35. You cannot beat that.

Like the Christmas card!