Thursday, December 18, 2008

Birthday Parties and Santa Visits

It’s so very important for young ones to celebrate their birthday.  Whether it’s a big blow out or a family get together is up to you.  We have always done the family thing…Last year was Kayla’s first big shin dig with friends and such.  She had a blast and we will continue to do this for her. 

Kelsie has only been having the family and a couple of close friends.  It all seems to work better this way for her and us as well.

Our niece happens to be 8 months older than Kelsie.  She turned 4 this month and we threw her a birthday party at our house.  I haven’t mentioned to much on them and her…But it’s not the best story to hear.   Maybe I’ll tell you all one day. 

Anyways.  The only birthday party this little girl has had was her first one.  They decorated all up and really made a big deal.  It was memorable. 

Well, my MIL called last week and ask me if we could do a little something over here since she knows that I keep a basket of party supplies left over from parties and such.  I said sure.  I love decorating and hosting things! *smiles*

I had a lot of Cinderella themed things from Kelsie’s party so I got it all out and decorated for her.  After sweat and an hour or so, I had cupcakes made and a table scape.

This little girl had the best birthday party from left over supplies and home made cupcakes.  She was thrilled to death.  I have never seen her so happy.  And you know what, I don’t think it was Cinderella or the gifts.  (which by the way are all nice) No, I think it was the fact that somebody did something for her and put her in the spot light for once.

I was so happy to put a smile on that little girls face! 

Afterwards we all went to see Santa Claus.  This was only her 2nd time seeing him.  You won’t believe this but this year was the first time she sat in his lap! (not because she was ever scared of him either) She saw him for the first time a couple of weeks ago because he came to her school.  It’s sad to think that she wouldn’t have seen him otherwise if it weren’t for the school.

If I could I would adopt her and take her into our home.  She needs an environment that is stable and full of love between the parents.   And now….Pictures from her party!

december2008 005


Kelsie is with her cousins, Kazamirah (birthday girl) and Ziah…



december2008 007


I did a great job (not to toot my own horn or anything)…The table was so pretty and I just love all the blue and pink stuff!


december2008 008






december2008 009






december2008 011






december2008 012






december2008 013






december2008 014

And that was her party…Or at least all the pictures that was taken.  These were taken by Rebecca (SIL) using my camera.  Since I was passing out the food I ask her is she’d take the pictures. 


I am so happy to have made this memorable moment in her life!


Darlene said...

You are so sweet to host the party for her. Yes, all little children need a stable environment to grow up in. I can't believe she hasn't ever even been to see Santa! That is just NOT RIGHT! Well at least you are there to help give some joy in her life.

Amanda said...

Aw I'm so glad yall were able to do that & that yall made the day special for her. I feel so blessed about my upbringing so I always hope the best for the others! And SANTA yes! She needs to visit him every year :) Surprised she wasn't scared lol...I think I am still kinda creeped out by him lol.

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Every little girl needs to have a fun birthday party. It looks like this one was fantastic!

Rambling Girl said...

Joanna...your right every child needs to have their own birthday party! How sweet and whatever the story is doesn't matter as long as you helped to make this child have a happy birthday! really are a great Aunt to her...keep making those smiles for her cause one day she will look back and know how much she was loved.

Shannon said...

How sweet! I bet it made her year!