Monday, December 8, 2008

Old Decorations….

There are lot’s of older decorations amongst my new things that have been passed down through my family..I have no clue who they came from besides the fact that they were once my mothers and in our home when I was younger.
Here are a few of these older things….
november2008 131
The Santa there in the middle was once a perfume bottle.  The scent still lingers inside and I will tell you one thing…It’s not something that I would have worn! *smiles*
The bell plays a little music box Christmas music.
I also wanted to let you all know that I will be around reading your blogs that I frequent, but Kelsie is still a little under the weather and it seems to have passed on to me.  I have got to get better before Saturday…That is the night of Zack’s company Christmas party. 


Darlene said...

Cute decorations....ut oh, you better get some rest and get well. It is no fun to be sick (anytime but especially) at this time of year!!!!!!!

Sherri said...

Is the perfume from Avon? That container seems like it would come from vintage Avon...I've got several old ones myself...I would call you but I have OFFICIALLY lost my entire voice! I've never had it totally gone before but down to a whisper,but I now can't even get a sound out.Oh the misery for a lover of talking!
Then on top of that,I've got sinus infection,chest congestion and to make matters even worse,the power went out all over town today for an hour and a half,then when it came back on,I guess the outage had messed up something at the cable company and so we didn't even have tv or internet from 10 this morning until about 5 minutes ago! Well,I wrote a novel...if I had known I had so much to say,I would have just emailed:)

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I hope you get some rest and the sickness doesn't spread through your house!

Sandy Toes said...

Very fun and festive!
-sandy toes

Get some rest:)!

Shannon said...

I love older decorations that have been passed down.