Thursday, October 23, 2008

This Southern Girl’s Sweet Tea Recipe ~ Dedicated to My Mother

Sweet tea here in the South is a staple!  It’s something that we all drink, poured right over ice, in a tall glass on a hot summer’s day or in the dead of winter.  It’s like water, we can’t live without it! *smiles* 

If you are like many people and are addicted to the so called sweet tea purchased at your local fast food joints, then you apparently aren’t using the right recipe at home.  A true Southerner's recipe will be 10 times better than what you find at your local places.  Unless that is if you live in Alabama and have the rare opportunity to to eat at Milo's, which is an Alabama delicacy!  You maybe lucky enough to find their sweet tea at your nearby grocery store, and if so, than may I suggest that you purchase that, because it’s as close to the “real” thing that your gonna find. 

Or, if you wanna give it a go yourself, I will be oh so sweet and give you the recipe that my mother taught me how to make!  The recipe that came straight from Alabama and it’s the same sweet tea this family makes and drinks everyday now! *smiles*  Because everyone should have  a chance to have the real thing.

This recipe is for a 2 gallon tea pitcher ~

1.  To 4 cups of water, use 3 family size tea bags or 6 regular size tea bags.  Bring this to a boil.  (I use a Pyrex measuring cup, the large 4 cup size, in the microwave on 5 minutes, you can of course do this on the stove)

2.  Take off the stove or out of the microwave as soon as it boils. 

3.  Add 2 cups sugar to your pitcher (2 gallons)

4.  Pour in your tea (minus the tea bags)

5.  Mix well, making sure that your sugar has dissolved

6.  Add water to right below the pour spout and stir well.

Enjoy over ice!  We store  in the refrigerator so that the tea is cold all the time!  *smiles* 


Darlene said...

I do enjoy a big ole' glass of sweet tea!!!

Amanda said...

Oh my love of life...sweet tea! Delicious! And of course Milo's is the

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Thanks for the recipe...I am thrilled! My husband is originally from North Carolina, and now we live in Denver so he will be so happy about this!

Sherri said...

Oh,it's been 2 whole days since I've had my sweet tea! We ran out of sugar and have yet to get anymore!
You know the nearest milo's to us is 30 minutes away (which isn't far but just can't there on a whim either.)I will say that our Mc Donald's does suprisingly wonderful with sweet tea(yeah I know,mouth wide open in shock)!
But nothing compares to homemade sweet tea!