Monday, October 27, 2008

Jr. Museum Trick or Treat Pumpkin Trail

Every year the Saturday before Halloween the Jr. Musuem opens up it’s doors, (well at least the outside portion) and decorates for Halloween. We pay crazy amounts of money just to get in to receive 10 pieces of candy, between the kids, spend money on funnel cakes and fried Oreos, and to enter the costume contests, just to get our hearts broken.
Sounds like fun, eh? *smiles* Really, it is, the kids enjoy it and I know that the candy they are receiving are safe and free of needles, poisons and razors. Always a good thing!
Kelsie was Pebbles Flintstone this year and Kayla was the Mad Hatter. For Kelsie’s costume I called upon a friend of mine that I have met via this awesome blog world, Lauren. She makes very wonderful baby/kids items at her Etsy Shop. I ask her to do me a favor and make Kelsie a costume. For one, my sewing skills are sew (get it, haha) less than perfect and for another I do not have a sewing machine. She wonderfully obliged even though she was entering a craft show within a few weeks from when I ask. Thank You Lauren!
So here is Kelsie as Pebbles Flintstone!
october2008 101 Kayla, as the Mad Hatter!
october2008 102 And here they are enjoying themselves at the museum.
october2008 103 october2008 105
october2008 107 october2008 127 october2008 117
october2008 124
october2008 110 (not sure of the setting I chose here, but boy was it funky!)
This weekend we will dress up all over again and enter more contests and buy more junk food, at Zoo Boo. *smiles* Don’t you just love Halloween?!


Amanda said...

The girlies look SO flippin' cute! I bet they had a blast! Could you explain what a FRIED oreo is? :)

Darlene said...

Oh, I just LOVE going to things like this where the kids have SO MUCH FUN!!! I have fun too just watching them and all the activities!!

WILLIAM said...

I love the Pebbles.