Thursday, September 18, 2008

This Southern Gal Does Some Halloween Crafting

Thanks to Martha Stewart the girls and I did some Halloween crafts last Friday. Yes, it maybe to early to a few of you out there, but we were bored none the less and we had some things to craft with so I broke out the construction paper, scissors, tape, markers, etc and we got to work!

decorating 022

See my sweet girls, coloring away. Kelsie is working on some paper bag pumpkins. All is need are some white lunch bags and an orange and brown marker. Then a little green curling ribbon and well, you then have a pumpkin patch. (if you choose to do so)

decorating 023

You will also see Frankenstein hanging out there in that pumpkin patch. I think this is a cute little craft idea. It was free because we had this stuff on hand. Oh and to fill the bags we just used the plastic grocery sacks that I know everyone has! *smiles*

The ghost was free handed by me on a piece of card stock and then the kids cut them out and drew faces on them. There in the patch is the maid. The lady and man of the house are hanging out in my home. The lady (Mildred, we shall call her) is hanging over our dining room table on the chandelier and then “Fred” is hanging on our ceiling fan chain in the living room. I didn’t get pictures of them. But they look just like their “maid”.

As for the moon, that was Kayla’s that she drew. The witch and bats you can find on Martha Stewart as well. We also did the same thing that she did with her bats…decorating 026

They adorn all of our lamp shades in the living room, seeing as they are all white shades. *smiles* It adds a little bit of fright at night! You can also choose to hang your witches in them as well.

You can find tons of ideas that are simple and easy at Martha Stewart, head over and start crafting away!


Kristin said...

Oh my gosh too fun. I'll be posting our projects soon.

Oh and I tagged you!

Darlene said...

What fun...I bet your girls had a great time making projects for Halloween...CUTE!!!

Wendy said...

I love the bats on the lamps. cute!

Amanda said...

So fun! Great job kiddos! And I love the lamp decor :)

jenifer said...

Great job..! I love these Halloween crafts.

Erin said...

I'm going to try to do the pumpkin bags with Hailey! Thanks for the great idea!