Saturday, October 12, 2013

What’s Next with Our Journey with Eosinophilic Esophagitis?

We went to the dr yesterday morning and the he talked a little bit about EE.  We got the referral for an allergist for Kelsie to get tested and he prescribed some medication as well.  One was Flovent, which is inhaled oral steroid.  We actually knew what this was, but it’s hard for Kelsie to “swallow” as opposed to inhaling it, since she does have asthma and is used to inhaling from an inhaler.  He also gave her Singulair for allergies. 
We will know more once we see an allergist. 
In the meantime after a lot of research on artificial food dye, we have decided to do away with them completely.  I went through the fridge and pantry today and got rid of everything that had an artificial sweetener in it.  I was surprised at what had the artificial stuff in it…Potarts?  Why on earth do they need to put that fake junk in Poptarts when they are already strawberry and cherry??  With that, I am making a favorite Poptart of ours tomorrow, pumpkin pie!
We stocked up on a lot of Annie’s Organic snack foods for lunch boxes.  The little honey and chocolate bunny snacks are supposed to be just like Teddy Grahams, but they taste even better!  We also picked up the Halloween treats in that flavor to go in Kelsie’s goody bags for school. 
I also found several other brands that didn’t include artificial dyes.  I’m kind of excited to be taking this journey!  Btw…do you happen to know what some of those dyes are actually made of??  Do some research, it’s kind of scary! 

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