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T3 Source Showerhead Filter Review #sponsored #T3Source

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for T3. I received a product sample to facilitate my review and as a thank you for participating.”
We were in desperate need of a new shower head in our master bathroom.  The current one was a low flow shower head, which is great, but after having it for so long the water started to flow out at almost a trickle.  When this chance came along I decided that well, we need a new shower head, and this one has added benefits that I had never thought of before, so let’s do this!  Luckily, I was in for far more then your ordinary shower head.
This T3 Source Showerhead Filter is amazing.  First, before I start bragging about my new shower head, which I’m gonna do, let me tell you that I installed this myself!  No husband help required.  I unscrewed the current shower head from the bar coming out of the shower wall.  It was virtually clean, so I didn’t have to clean any old plumbers tape from it.  I wrapped the new plumbers tape around the grooves and screwed on the new one.  I did have to use an adjustable wrench to get it tight, but it was simple.  If this here southern girl can accomplish it, anybody can! :-)  I turned it on for a few minutes with hot water and started turning the bejelwed dial to test out all the features and to flush it out.  You can check out the easy to install video here.
I know that your probably wondering what is so special about a shower head.  I know that I was too and didn’t think that there would be any way possible that a new shower head, even with a special filter would prove any benefit to me.  But I was wrong and I’m gonna tell you why. off the T3 Source Showerhead Filter is not just another run of the mill shower head.  The T3 Source has a special filter that filters your water as you bathe.  The filter transforms the chlorine in your water to harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by your hair or skin.  The high levels of chlorine in our water here in Florida {where you can smell it when you turn on your water} wreak havoc on my color treated hair, my oldest daughters naturally curly hair, and all of our skin.  We experience dry skin year round, frizzy hair, and my color fades too quickly.  And when you live in Florida  more often than not your days are spent in the at the beach or in the chlorinated pool.  You come indoors to rinse the sand, saltwater, suntan lotion, and chlorinated pool water off, with more chlorinated water coming from your shower head.  This T3 Source Showerhead Filter makes sense where we live. 
After using our new showerhead filter for a week, we have noticed in the shower that the water tends to not leave behind any residue as before the T3 Showerhead Filter, on the tiled walls, the soap/shampoo/body wash lathers much better, and you can rinse away the suds without having to rub your skin with your hands.  Outside the shower has seen the biggest benefit.  We use less lotion, because we don’t have that overly dried out skin from bathing in highly chlorinated water.  And my daughter and I use less serums on our hair to help keep the frizz away.  Now I’m not saying that this is a miracle showerhead, but I am saying that it will help your hair and skin dramatically.  I was definitely on the sketchy side before trying this but, I have to say that it’s fantastic and we will be replacing the filter when needed.
Here are the actual research results from the T3 Shower Filter:
-T3 Source Shower Filters remove up to 95% of chlorine from shower water for a dramatic improvement in hair health, hair color retention, and skin texture and appearance.
-After 10 washes, hair shows:
-64% reduction in frizz
-28% increase in body
-47% increase in “comb-ability”
-28% increase in shine

The showerhead has 8 settings which are all really great. I'm so used to the showerhead with 3 settings, the traditional spray, the "massage", and then the save water feature which basically turns the water off. This guy has 8 great settings, that are all very usable. I have my favorite two that I use all the time. The main one being the mixture of the spray and mist, and then one of the massaging ones.
The replacement filter is $25, which to me, isn’t bad, considering the benefits that you can get from it.  And you only have to replace it once every 6 months or when the window turns black.  At every 6 months, that’s about $4.16 a month.  See, not too shabby!
All in all, my oldest daughter {she’s 14} and I are very pleased with the results from the T3 Source Showerhead Filter.  We will be replacing our filter as needed and after taking a look at their website and being so happy with the results from the showerhead, we may even pick up other products of theirs.  I think if you have color treated or curly hair that your going to be happy with the results if the chlorine in your area water is high.  And if your worried about taking the leap and purchasing the whole showerhead, you could always test it out by purchasing the T3 Source In-Line which attaches to any showerhead.  And then if your satisfied, I highly recommend going with what we got or the handheld shower unit.  We love our T3 Source Showerhead Filter and are sure you will too!
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