Friday, August 2, 2013

Disney’s Teen Beach Movie on DVD - Review

Ever since the commercial came on The Disney Channel, Kelsie has been excited about seeing it.  However, we forgot to set the DVR to record it and then when it was on tv when we were home, she always seem to catch bits and pieces of it.  However, she finally got the chance because it came out on DVD July 30th and we got a copy to review.
First off, I have to say I love that this movie is a musical.  It’s got a cute story line and the music and moves are fun.  Kelsie loves the songs and wants to learn the dances as well, which is rather easy since one of the bonus features on this DVD is exclusive dance rehearsal footage to seven of the song/dances from the movie and a video of the dance/song Coolest Cats in Town, which didn’t make it in the movie.  She was also thrilled that none other than Ross Lynch from “Austin and Ally” had a leading role.  I have to say she has the biggest 7 year old crush on him! She also loves the Aussie star Maia Mitchell, who also has a starring role.
If you love Disney’s musical movies, your gonna love Disney’s Teen Beach Movie.  I am actually not a fan of other movies that are musicals but Disney just does it for me.  High School Musical has always been my favorite and this one knocks it out of the park!  Oh and in Disney’s Teen Beach Movie there is a little spin of West Side Story, with their little version Wet Side Story.  Definitely a cute idea!  Watch the trailer below….

Your gonna want to pick up your copy today! 
**the above mentioned item was received for review purposes only.  all opinions are 100% honest and my and my family’s own.

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