Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Popsicle Snow Cones

Have you ever bought popsicles and left a few in the bottom of the box for a couple of months?  They seem to get all melty, sticky, and stringy sugar on them.  They aren’t going to get eaten around here and that’s money wasted.  So the other day the girls were outside playing with water guns, part of their Summer goodies I got them {a post on that later}, and they ask for snow cones. 

popsicle snow cones

We are currently out of snow cone syrup, which yes, I know you can make your own and I probably will but that wasn’t happening the other day. :-)  Well, I remembered that we had those popsicles that were going to waste and I decided that I would take them, separate them by color and throw them in the Ninja.  The Ninja is the BEST kitchen appliance ever!!  It will make ice cubes turn into snow.  It was a purchase from QVC a few years ago and it’s still going strong and we use it on an almost weekly basis.  Anyways…I then layered the flavors with grape on the bottom and orange on the top.  Those are always the colors left in our popsicles.  And took them out to the girls and they loved them!  It was the easiest, most perfect treat to go with their soaked t shirts from the water guns and the heat from the day!

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