Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jumping in and Never Looking Back

Things have been changing around here…changing for the good.  No, scratch that, changing for the great!
First I have to give thanks to that big guy upstairs!  No, I’m not referring to my brother or Zack, although I could thank them for all that they do too.  However, I’m referring to none other than the Lord almighty!  He’s been working some awesome blessings in our lives here lately.
We are involved in a fantastic church that is unlike any other that I’ve ever had the privilege of attending. {Lighthouse Church} PC (Pastor Cole) is amazing at giving the Word!  He tells it like it is.  He doesn’t sugar coat anything and y’all know something, church is fun!  Who knew that church could be something other than boring, staring at your watch, hoping that you only have one more song, verse, or announcement?  Well, I’ll tell ya’ll what…I have yet to look at my watch or think about the nap I want to have that afternoon OR think “not another hymnal”.  I’m telling you our family is right where God wants us to be! 
Kayla is involved with the Youth Group and things are happening for her.  She was Baptized Sunday and I couldn’t be more happier.
Kelsie is growing more and more with her Faith and loving God more than I thought she could {her faith was already enormous ya’ll} and she is on the path to get Baptized as well. And to stand next to your husband and have him raise his arm/hand during a song of worship is a feeling like you’ll never know until it happens to you!
God is all over our lives making things happen! 

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