Thursday, November 1, 2012

Secret of the Wings On Blu-Ray Review

We, or more specifically my 7 year old daughter is obsessed with Tinkerbell.  When then first movie come out she couldn’t wait to have it and we quickly collected all the figures and Barbie doll type dolls to play with.  image
When the 2nd movie came out she just had to be Silvermist for Halloween.  And now since the third movie, Secret of the Wings, she wants everything to do with Periwinkle.
In Secret of the Wings, Tinkerbell is on another adventure, this time it’s to the winter woods.  Unless you’re a winter fairy, it’s forbidden to go there.  On her journey to find the keeper in the winter woods, Tinkerbell discovers another fairy with the same sparkling wings as her own, Periwinkle.
They soon discover that they are sisters!  Tinkerbell and Periwinkle learn all they can about one another.  And Periwinkle and her friends show her all around the winter woods. And so of course Periwinkle wants to see where Tinkerbell calls home.  Just when things are going great they are soon forbidden to see one another ever again.  And when one things leads to another the pixie dust tree is in danger.  Without that tree, the fairy world will be changed forever.  You’ll have to watch the movie for yourself to see what happens next!
This was by far my and Kelsie’s {my 7 year old} favorite fairy movie. 
If you’re a Tinkerbell or a fairy fan you won’t want to miss this new movie!

This movie was released on October 27th on DVD, Blu-ray and combo packs.  Pick up your copy today!
**the above mentioned was received for review purposes only.  there was no other form of compensation.  all opinions are 100% honest and my own.**

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