Sunday, September 23, 2012

U By Kotex Tween

With September almost over, I think we’ve all pretty much started school for the season.  The hardest part of going back to school, if you’re a tween can be the fear of having yet to start your period.  I thankfully started at home, as well as Kayla.  We were both very lucky in that matter.  But many young girls aren’t so lucky. 

It’s time to get your daughters prepared for that “just in case” moment.  It’s important no matter if your daughter has or hasn’t started her period yet and is in the age range where she could, to get her ready with a few things.  Something small and discreet to keep in her backpack, purse, or locker, and the U By Kotex Tween products are perfect for that.  They have fun colors and designs, but they are small, so you can tuck them away for some privacy. You can even tuck them in your pants pocket!

You might also want to talk to your daughter about some signs to be on the look out for so she can head to the bathroom before having an embarrassing situation. Being on your period is embarrassing enough for a young girl, but having the whole school know about it because you had an accident by not being prepared, is far worse.  Give her some pointers on cramps, feelings, and more.  Any signs that don’t feel right, head to the bathroom and get prepared. 

You can get your daughters prepared with a ton of information at U By Kotex and U By Kotex Hello Period

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