Monday, March 26, 2012

Tonsillitis and Off Track

Kelsie is home from school today since she was diagnosed with Tonsillitis on Saturday.  Yesterday she wasn’t in that much pain but this morning she woke up about in tears.  She’s feeling much better this afternoon. She went back to sleep and slept until almost 9 and then she ate breakfast while catching up on yesterdays dvr’d Spongebob.  She then begged to go outside after icy cold water and popsicles.  I went along with it.  We then spent time in the backyard swinging and playing in the sand box until we heard the school bell ring.  Kelsie ask if it was the bell that school was out for the day, I said it was.  I told her that I needed to come in and start a load of laundry and let Charlie run around, since he has been in his bed all day.  {we haven’t gotten him together with Angel yet for me to feel sure about bringing him to the backyard}
While she had her breakfast I cleaned our bathroom, made beds, made my breakfast smoothie and had to sit and catch a breath.  I had to catch a breath because I am so upset at myself.  I have no one to blame but myself for what happened.  I had lost ten pounds as of last week and today when I stepped on the scale I was up a pound, leaving me hanging at a 9 pound loss.  Now, I don’t have to check my food journal or work out schedule last week to see why.  I already know the answer to this one.  I didn’t go over my 1500 calorie allotment everyday, but just a few.  But the 1500 calories weren’t all good for me either.  It was a lot of ice cream, pizza, and candy.  And I only worked out once last week.  Like I said it’s all my fault.  Today is different.  I am back on schedule.  I am eating my normal healthy foods again and plan on Zumbaing it up late this afternoon.
As of right now I’m kicked back in the recliner with Charlie at my feet asleep.  Kelsie is making up a game in the den and I’m waiting on the time to go and get Kayla from school.  Tonight for dinner, spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad.  I can’t wait!  Oh and I started reading The Hunger Games today.  Such a good book!!

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