Saturday, March 24, 2012

Plans don’t Always Go According to Plans

Today my plans were changed from cleaning out the pool and normal Saturday chores to taking Kelsie to the walk in clinic.  She started complaining of a sore throat on Monday and I blew it off as allergies, the pollen is horrendous around here. And thanks to my horrible genetic mutation of allergic to every freaking thing, she too is allergic to so much.

On Tuesday she didn’t say a word about it and when ask, she said it felt better.  Well Wednesday morning on the news they said that Strep Throat was going around so I checked Kelsie’s throat that morning before we left for school. From what I could tell it looked as if she had a white spot on her left tonsil.  She said her throat her a little. I shouted at Zack to check it out and he said it was just drainage.  Well I was ify on it since I have had what appeared to be a bunch of white spots that turned into a lot of blu cheese looking spots that hurt like hell {I normally don’t cuss here, but that is what it compared too}.  I went to the dr and was told I had a throat infection and there was nothing they could do. I got a shot in the hip with antibiotics and sent on my way. I was in so much pain, I was literally crying when swallowing any kind of liquid.  I ended up going two days later to the er and they actually prescribed pain medicine for it. 

Now, after finding out Kelsie’s diagnosis of tonsillitis with a tonsil stone, I should have had an appt to have my tonsils removed.  Anyways.  So long story short, that was what she was diagnosed with.  They gave her an antibiotic and was told to eat popsicles to help numb it and to take Motrin for the pain.  It’s not a severe case because we caught it early. {thank goodness} 

With my Saturday thrown off, we came home and I sat on the porch with Charlie while Kelsie blew bubbles.  I love the simple things that make kids happy.  Or at least it does Kelsie.  It seems Kayla is far too gone in the whole the world is boring without some electronic stimulation.  We argue a lot about that and she gets grounded from everything all the time.  Even though she loves to read and used to prefer books over her DSi, it seems more recently that she has something in her face all the time.  ::sigh::

march 2012 017

The house is a mess and I’m ok with that.  We literally are running out of clothes  because today was laundry day. But instead of stressing out, I let it all go.  Papers scattered across the coffee table.  Coffee cups and breakfast dishes piled on the table and counter.  Lunch dishes stacked in the sink. 

march 2012 021

Instead it was nice to slow down and watch the bubbles blow in the wind, while Kelsie was running around trying to catch them.  When we came in we drew an ocean scene on the front door and then we chowed down on Pizza Hut tonight while watching The Muppets. 

march 2012 025

Although my Saturday was completely off kilter, it was a good one.  Sometimes it’s ok when plans don’t go the way we want them too.

march 2012 029

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The marker on the windows is such a great idea. Hope everyone is feeling better. Blessings.