Sunday, January 8, 2012

This is Rather Random…But it’s All I Got

I want to say that we’ve been busy doing such and such and whatever, but that’s not necessarily the case. 

The weather has been too warm for this to be January and I’m kind of wondering if we are going to have a real winter at all this year.  I can see Spring coming within the next few weeks as opposed to more long sleeves, scarves, and boots.

I know that Kelsie has worn her new fuzzy coat a total of 2 times to school this year.  I have only worn my peacoat about 4.  This really makes me sad.  I love cold weather and I want to see all 4 seasons.  Yes, I do realize that in Florida that won’t happen.  Oh well, I can dream right?!

My little bug is growing up.  Kelsie’s boyfriend came and hung out Friday afternoon/night.  Kayla had a friend spending the night and I know that Kelsie loves to bother her and her friends so I ask Kelsie if she wanted to have a friend over to play Friday after school…she chose Xander.  He of course said yes to coming over.  They played outside for a bit, looked around her room and then they ended up playing the Wii.  They danced, they raced, and then she proceeded to just sorta hang out with him while he played Mario Galaxy.  When I was looking at this picture, I saw a flash forward of about 10 years. 

january 2012 012

They are really too cute together.  I ask her the other day who her best friend was and she said Xander.  It used to be a little girl named Felicia, but apparently that has changed.  I see no problem with having a best friend as a boy.  I can say that guys aren’t the gossipy, chattery, nosey, your friend today and not tomorrow type.  And I would rather her not have to go through all that yet.

We are sitting here on January 8th and our Christmas tree in the living room is still up.  All of the other trees are down and all the decorations throughout the house are sitting on the dining table waiting to be put away in the boxes that are in the shed.  Our lights are still up outside as well as our inflatable.  I told Zack we were probably the only ones with outside lights still up and on.  I was wrong.  I saw one other house on Friday night.  Ours is all coming down and being put away today.

Blogging.  Well, truth is I am kinda in a burnt out don’t want to post anything here because too many people read it but should I really care rut.?!  There are so many things I could post.  Heck, I’ve even sat down a time or two and thought about posting them.  Such as how Z’s grandmother has been in town since before Christmas and we haven’t seen her and he’s only talked to her once.  We both agree that his mom is probably keeping her busy on the weekends.  We have more thought into that as well, but again, don’t really want to write about it because too many people are reading it. 

Hmm..what else…I probably won’t right anything personal for a while unless the mood really strikes me.  I do have a couple of reviews/giveaways to post this week.  Other than that this is the last personal post for a while. 

I have been reading all my favorite blogs but I can’t seem to log in to comment.  It’s not the same email that I always use and for some reason every time I have tried to log in before commenting, it times out on me and the internet bubbles {I call them} start bouncing back and forth on the tool bar across the bottom and I lose internet connection.  We are looking into getting a new modem/router since Kayla has a laptop now too.  I think between all the wireless components we use in our home that the network is getting bogged down at times. 

Anywho..I am off to enjoy my coffee and the quiet before Zack and Kelsie wake up.  {Kayla spent the night last night at her friends house}

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

I have been in a blogging rut lately too. I took all of last week off just because I wasn't really in the mood! We put all of our Christmas stuff up this weekend...finally!