Saturday, December 31, 2011

Favorites of 2011

Another year is almost gone and I thought that I would go through my pictures and post my favorites from this year! 
In February Kelsie went on date with daddy.  The school hosted their annual daddy/daughter date night. 
feb 2011 011 copy
In March we went to Disney World.  This is our favorite place on Earth.  We are debating on if and when to go again this coming year.  We have discussed the option of not going and saving the money we would have used and put it towards our New York trip fund.  Since Kayla and I went to NY last year we have wanted to go back with the whole family.
disney 2011 230
In April we had Easter at my cousins house and had a great time! 
april 2011 071
In May Kelsie graduated from Kindergarten.  She’s below with her b/f, yep, still the same one she has now. ;-)
may 2011 029
In June we celebrated Kayla’s 12th birthday, the girls went to stay with my brother and sister n law for a week and I went to Minnesota.
june 2011 007
In July we went to Bama and stayed several days with our family.  The girls played chicken for the very first time.
july 2011 015
In August we celebrated Kelsie’s 6th birthday and the girls started back to school.
august 2011 058
In September we sat at the table on most weeknights doing homework.
september 2011 011
In October Z’s dad came for a visit, we went to the circus and we trick or treated on Halloween.
october 2011 010
In November we celebrated Thanksgiving in Bama and Kayla showed me how she learned to drive the golf cart while the girls were there in June.  Oh my girl is growing up!
november 2011 034
In December we celebrated Christmas all month long.  We hosted a cookie decorating thing with Kelsie’s bf and his little sister.  We enjoyed school parties and gift exchanges.  We went ice skating {on plexi glass stuff} with Kelsie’s bf and his family and we spent the rest of the year with family in Bama.
december 2011 041
It’s been a great year!  Here’s to a fabulous 2012!!
Happy New Years!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

This is why I love blogging! It creates a record so you can look back at the posts and photos.

Happy New Year's to you and yours.

Miller Racing Family said...

Looks like a fabulous year. Love the Disney pic and the birthday party pics. Hope the new year is going great.