Friday, December 9, 2011

Girls’ Night In

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Our girls’ night in isn’t your typical girly get together.  The 3 of us girls always have the best of time together, always.  I am referring to myself and my girls, Kayla and Kelsie.  Every once in a while, the 3 of us have the chance to give each other mani’s and pedi’s while watching movies and giggling, all the while eating goodies and sharing secrets. 

It’s important to have a close relationship with your kids and I use our special girls’ nights for that.  I find out all the dirt on the latest classroom gossip.  I find out who’s friends with who and why.  I find out who’s been picking on my girls, if at all.  And I also find out their hopes and dreams. 

We talk about anything you can think of.  These are the times when they spill their secrets.  Their fears.  Their hurt feelings.  Their truth. 

These girls’ nights are far and few between but when they happen they are so very special!

I usually don’t have girl nights unless it is during the holidays {with the exception of the ones with my girls}.  This is when I get to hang out with my niece and sister-n-law.  We always have a lot of yummy food to munch on and talk about what all has been going on in our lives. 

Last year we baked cookies on a whim.  My niece and I ran to the store and she got the stuff to make apple cider and I got the stuff to make cookies.  We paired the two up and they were the perfect after dinner, sitting around catching up snack.  Of course afterwards us girls decided that we were ready to dance off some of those holiday calories we had consumed. ;-)

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My niece and I recently had a girl’s night {kind of} over Thanksgiving.  Zack was asleep in the corner of the couch while we gossiped away about what’s been going on with her life and mine. 

We plan on getting together after Christmas and I’m sure we’ll make holiday goodies and share our most recent happenings!

Girls’ nights are important for our sanity.  Good food, good family, good friends, good times…they are all important to us girls!

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Miller Racing Family said...

These sounds like fabulous get togethers. I can't wait till we can do the girls nights with little Lila. Have a great weekend.

A-K said...

I love girls night! And I wish you and I got to have them more often!!! :)