Monday, November 14, 2011

…{chirp, chirp}…Crickets

I haven’t been around in a week or so.  I have been busy around the house, busy getting ready for Thanksgiving, busy spending time with Zack and the girls and busy being sick.

I spent last Friday and part of Saturday in the bed, sick.  I felt like I had the flu.  Zack took awesome care of me, the girls and the needs around the house.  I seriously couldn’t ask for anybody better! 

Friday night we watched Harry Potter and I can’t believe it’s all over. :(  I have to admit I’m kinda saddened to see it all over.  No Potter to look forward too.  No wondering what will happen next. 

Then on Saturday we watched Captain America.  Good movie too.  Zack said that he thinks they are working on another one or it’s in the works or something. 

Sunday we went Christmas tree shopping.  Wow, that’s a huge task.  Last year I threw our tree to the curb when we took it down.  I had fussed over the last few years about having to replace all those bulbs for hours year after year.  Well I was fed up and decided that we were going to get a new one this year.  There isn’t anything spectacular out there.  We really had a gorgeous tree, when it worked perfect.  I found one almost identical to the one we had at none other than Kmart.  However, I think that we have decided to just buy a tree and buy the lights and have Zack string them up.  He always makes the tree in our bedroom look like it was pre-lit so I know he can make the main tree just as gorgeous.  We will buy one in the next few days and get it up this weekend. 

I am so excited about Thanksgiving coming up!  I can’t wait to spend time with family and have a great time. {as always} 

Gonna run…I have got to get something out for dinner tonight and work on my weekly chore. {Monday – Dusting}


Kelli @ RTSM said...

Jason wanted to see Captain America in the theater but we didn't make it. I think it will probably be the next movie we watch. I refuse to put our tree before December 1st! I know it's a lot of work so people want them up as long as possible, but I feel like we skip over Thanksgiving more and more every year!

Kelli said...

I've missed you!!! But family time and healing is really important, especially with the holidays coming up. I hope you're feeling better. I hope you find your tree...and it'll be just as nice if Zack strings it. I know you'll have fun putting it up. I can imagine that you're excited about Thanksgiving...are you hosting? I know how much you love your family. We are staying home...just us and I am thrilled.

Miller Racing Family said...

Girl I have missed your daily happenings. I hope that you are feeling better. I totally understand though as I have the sickness right now. Needless to say I have been sleeping alot.
I can't believe it is time to start thinking of Christmas decorating. This year I might hold off a decorate a little later as we are going to Branson for Thanksgiving.
I also made your Bacon Cheddar Bread for life group and it was a total hit. Thanks for always sharing all your good creations.
Have a great day!