Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Making a List…Checking it Twice

But I’m not looking for whose naughty or nice.  I’m working on my to do list before next Tuesday.  I have a list a mile long before we get into the Thanksgiving festivities.

I have 1 tree to buy {tonight}, 5 to put up and decorate, a tree topper to create, a list of ingredients for rhubarb crumble to get together, clothes to shop for {doing family pics next week}, grocery shopping to do, bills to pay, a house to keep clean, clothes to wash, workouts to schedule {because I’m on to something}, homework to help with, a spelling test to help study for, blog posts to get scheduled out, one of which includes a giveaway for an MP3 player, and I’m sure a few other dozen things I can’t think of at the moment.

I just got home a little while ago from getting Kelsie from school and she’s relaxing for a few before we start on homework and studying spelling words.  She’s so excited about Thursday because Zack and I are going to eat Thanksgiving lunch with her.  She of course told me that we don’t have to eat the food because it doesn’t look normal.  Ha!  She said she’d share some food from her lunch box with me.  {sweet!}  I’ll make sure to add in a few things I like that day.  Hehe.

I’m kinda sad this year is moving on so quickly.  It’s really been a great year.  Although I am ready for Christmas, it’s been moving so fast that Summer will be here again before ya know it.  Although I will say I’m looking forward to quite a few things next year too! 

Anyways.  I can’t wait to start sharing the Christmas décor that’s about to start happening around here! 

And I must say that I will be catching up on blogs that I normally read as well.  I kinda miss checking in with some of y’all everyday! 

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Miller Racing Family said...

Girl now that is a long to do list. I have to say I am excited about Thanksgiving this year as my side of the family is all going on a mini vacation to Brason. We can't wait to be swimming during Thanksgiving break. Can't wait to see all your decor.
Have a great day!