Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday of Sorts

Ouch.  I decided on Sunday that I was going to start working out again.  I followed through by doing 3 of the 7 circuits from Jillian’s workout dvd that I had in my mix of workout dvds.  It was 18 minutes worth of working out with a 5 minute warm up and 5 minute cool down.  So I justify it by saying I did almost die during the 18 minutes of actually working out.  I was glad to see the cool down!
Can I just say that it kicked my legs, back, shoulders and arms!  I wasn’t in that much pain until late yesterday afternoon and I could barely walk/move.  I am hoping to at least hop on the elliptical or do a workout that I found in Fitness magazine.  We’ll see.
I have all of Kelsie’s goody bags for her class ready for Halloween.  I love doing the goody bags.  It’s so simple and easy.  I made these cute tags for the bags from Tiny Prints. 
happy halloween from kelsie copy
Did anybody watch The Walking Dead on Sunday night?  I completely forgot to include this in my miscellany monday post.  Wow, it was a great one!  I can’t stand it when they leave you hanging though.  Especially the way this one did.  I can’t wait until next Sunday to find out what happens!  Oh and no it’s not a scary show by any means…I am a major chicken when it comes to horror, unless it’s the old school stuff like Michael Myers and Jason.
I sent all of my Box Tops that I had gotten from the Box Tops University this past Summer and all the others we’ve gathered along the way with Kayla yesterday morning.  They are really promoting the Box Tops at her school with each grade’s first period class with the most Box Tops wins a pizza party.  I had so many bonus ones, including one that was worth 100 box tops!!  Then Debbie sent some of her own home with me yesterday to give to Kayla.  Kayla was so siked!  I hope they win that pizza party!! 
Speaking of Box Tops.  I’m a little upset about the program at Kelsie’s school. {the one I work for}  Our goal this year is pathetic at only 400 and something dollars.  I was told that it was because we are a low income school.  Well after comparing our school with the others in the district that is just a ridiculous excuse.  If the program was promoted a lot better, we could really be earning some money with Box Tops.  No we may not be able to offer a pizza party to all the grades top earning classes.  But I know that the parents wouldn’t pass up a chance to earn a gift card for $25 to Target or somewhere like that.  That would really get the ball rolling with bringing them in.  Ah well.  I’m not the coordinator so….And before anybody emails me asking…yes, the coordinator at our school was spoken too.
Anyways.  It’s a rainy Tuesday and I hope to grab a nap before I have to get the kids from school.  We’ll see.  Chances are I’ll end up over on Pinterest instead!


Kelli said...

I need to get back into working out badly. Good for you for working it out! Those are cute little tags that you made and I'm impressed that you already have them done...you rock! I am just now getting into box top. I've asked our rep about this little box that I've seen people store them in but I haven't heard back from her. It's a great program.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I did the 30 Shred one day last week and I was so sore! It was hard to jog the next day because every step I took made my abs hurt:) We collect box tops at our school but I don't know what our goal is. Grant's class did have the most for September in first grade though!

Miller Racing Family said...

Oh the Jillian workouts could just about kill someone. I have the 6 packs in 6 weeks and I began to think I like my mommy belly. lol
We had a rainy day as well, so of course that meant a 2 hour nap.
Have a great night.