Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There’s a New Stuffed Animal on the Block, The AlphaBeats

We recently got the chance to choose a new stuffed animal for our family from the line of AlphaBeasts.  I chose Kliklak because both Kayla and Kelsie’s name start with the letter K.  So what better AlphaBeast to choose than the one that will fit perfectly in with our “K” trend.
october 2011 001
Kelsie was so excited when she saw the AlphaBeast!  Although she is 6 and knows all her letters it was still very thrilling to have a new stuffed animal to have in her rotation of night time buddies. 
Of course don’t get me wrong, AlphaBeasts are much more than your average stuffed animal.  Each beast has it’s own special letter {representing each of the 26 letters of the alphabet}, name and personality.
The AlphaBeasts were created by two dads that wanted to create something fun but also educational.  I think they did just that!  The AlphaBeasts are perfect for teaching your child the alphabet, colors, how to spell, etc.  Games and playtime are endless. 
If I were starting out with a toddler I would buy the Alphabeasts that represented my child's name for a fun way of teaching them the letters in their name as well as how to spell it. 
There is also the baby books box set {alphabet books} which go right along with the Alphabeasts. 
I was overall impressed with the attention to detail that Kliklak had.  He was put together without a stray stitch and I am fairly certain that he could withstand some rough and tumbling action from just about any kid.
I think that the Alphabeasts would be an excellent addition to any child’s educational toy collection. 
Priced at $15.99 each they would make the perfect gift.  Christmas is coming up and the Alphabeasts would be an excellent choice!
**the above mentioned item was received for review purposes only.  this is 100% my honest opinion**

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Miller Racing Family said...

What a great idea. This would make a good gift for our nephews. Thanks for sharing.