Monday, October 24, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I haven’t blogged in almost a week.  Wow.  Well this is going to be a mish-mash post with lot’s of pictures. 
I started thoroughly cleaning house last week because Zack’s dad was coming to town.  He hasn’t been down in almost 6 years, so I wanted to make sure the house was as clean as it could be.  Which was a good thing because he came over Saturday before we all went to the circus and then dinner at Reggae J’s.
The kids had never been to the circus before and Zack couldn’t remember if he had…I think the circus is one childhood memory that all kids should have {*cough ahem..Zack’s mom!!*}.  Unless your one of the protestors outside with signs saying the circus kills animals and what not, then I’m sure your not the circus going people.  And if your one of those, just scroll down until you see the other photos. Anyways…I went to two circuses when I was growing up but only remember one.  I went to one when I was about Kelsie’s age and then again to the civic center to see The Ringling Brothers.  Which to this day, I swear is far better than any of those that are “under the big top”. {which this one was}   Anyways.  Even though our seats were horrible, because all seats were VIP except those that were in the very back of the tent behind everything, beside where they brought in all the animals and items.  {Lesson learned for next time…buy the VIP tickets!}  The kids had a lot of fun. 
october 2011 010
The girls ate $5 cotton candy and drank $3 water bottles.  I thought for a minute we might have been at Disney World! Ha!
october 2011 016
october 2011 018
During intermission the girls rode one of the elephants.  I was kinda upset that they put this little boy in front of Kelsie, but I wasn’t over there.  {Zack was}  I was saving our seats.  If it would have been me, I would have requested for Kelsie to be up front or at least for them not to put her so close to him.  Everybody else had a huge space between them. {I am a huge “other people germaphobe”!}
october 2011 074
We had an awesome dinner at Reggae J’s, sorry no pictures.  We were getting our grub on. Ha!
On Sunday afternoon we went out to the beach to the hotel where his dad was staying and hung out in the room eating McDonald’s and sitting on the balcony looking at the ocean and watching one of those paragliding guys. 
october 2011 097
october 2011 100
october 2011 109
october 2011 105
We were gonna get in the pool but Kelsie was sniffly the night before and I really didn’t want her to end up with a cold, so we opted for a surprise instead….Wonder Works!
I’ll post about that trip a little later.  I am give out! 


Kelli @ RTSM said...

I remember the circus from when I was little too...and it was a Ringling Brothers one. We took the boys to see the circus a few years ago, but I refuse to go the ones set up in the parking lot of the mall because I know that they won't be as good!

Kelli said...

I am lucky that my MIL took the kids to the circus as I am not an animal/clown lover. They had a blast. How cool that your girls got to ride on an elephant :) That water makes me want to hop on a plane and fly right down.

Miller Racing Family said...

As you can tell I am doing catch up on commenting. I have been so busy with projects for Christmas, and sign jobs, that I am barely getting a post up.
The circus does look like a blast. Trey got to ride the elephant at the last circus we went to and he was super excited.