Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CATDOG Season One Part One available now on DVD

imageOne classic Nick toon that I have loved watching from the time it aired 13 years ago until this very day, is CATDOG.  I thought it was hilarious that a cat and a dog, the two most incompatible animals were paired together like Siamese twins.  From their silly looking fish and dog bone house to their arch enemies the Greaser Dogs, CATDOG is one cartoon that never has a dull moment. 
Cat and Dog are best friends through and through despite their sometimes disagreements.  It’s fun to watch them through their silly arguments to their brotherly love.  CATDOG is just a fun show that kids of all ages will love.  Including those my age that grew up watching it on Nickelodeon.  My girls love watching it.  I had previously shown them clips online and once we got the dvd they have watched all the episodes included numerous times.
If you have no idea what CATDOG is or if your like me and just like singing along to the opening, you can check out this:

CATDOG Season One Part One is now available on DVD.  Pick up your copy today!
**the above mentioned dvd was received for review purposes only.  no other compensation was received.  opinions are 100% my own.**

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Miller Racing Family said...

I might need to do a little catch up as I have never heard of this show. Guess it is my excuse to watch more tv, lol.