Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Running Along on Wednesday

Wednesday already?!  I seriously love these short weeks after a 3 day weekend.

I was doing some thinking yesterday morning as Zack and I were barely making it.  As in dead tired ready for bed not even 15 minutes after we were up.  I have come to the conclusion why Mondays {or the start of the week} are so horrible.  I think it’s because your body is used to getting up at an earlier time and on the weekends you throw yourself out of whack.  As your body starts to become adjusted after those 2 days {or 3 for long weekends} and you get up early all of a sudden you throw your self into shock. {so to speak}  This of course is just my conclusion. ;-)

As I type this I am sitting at the table with my Kelsie bug {on Tuesday afternoon} doing home work.  If you and I are Facebook friends then you might have seen me post something about homework.  Kelsie has had more homework since the first week of school than Kayla.  I find this really strange since Kelsie is only a first grader and Kayla’s in 7th. {hmmm}  We have been sitting here for over an hour because she is determined to get all 10 pages front and back done today.  She didn’t want to have homework any other nights {except to go over her sight words} so she can play outside.  I’m not complaining about the homework.  {so don’t think that!}  I just think that’s a lot at least for a week where we are short one day. 

september 2011 011

Is anybody else excited to see/feel this awesome weather?  It was actually chilly here this morning {Tuesday}.  It was 68 degrees!  Very nice.  I actually opened my car windows while waiting on Kelsie to come out of school.  And I didn’t sweat buckets while standing on the playground while our kids were playing.  I think going on the playground when it’s hot out is the one thing I don’t particularly like about my job.  I don’t know about you but I hate sweating when I’m not doing a thing! 

I’m off to finish helping with homework and wash a load of laundry.  I don’t wash whites until Thursday but Kelsie begged me to wash them so she can wear her white shirt tomorrow.  She said that her and a friend of hers from Kindergarten wear the same color on p.e. day so that they can be grouped together.  So sweet!  But as I just wrote this and glanced down at her papers…she doesn’t have p.e until Thursday.  Tomorrow is art!

Happy Mid Week!


Anonymous said...

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

Wow! 10 pages in first grade! My boys usually only have three pages front and back plus spelling and vocab words. I am loving this weather too. My boys were complaining about it being cold this morning, but I am loving it!

Kelli said...

I saw that and I do think that's a lot of work for 1st That's more than Jamison has to do too. I have decided that I need to do much more preparation for Mondays over the weekend. I find myself scrambling. I am in love with the cooler weather...glad you all are getting some relief.

A-K said...

I don't know why teachers give so much homework! I kinda think its so they don't have to teach as much at school and leave the rest up to the parents. As if a first grader's brain is not already fried after sitting in school ALL day. They need time to relax, get outside, visit family, create things, etc...that's my thoughts anyway :)

I'm with you on the weekends. I know I feel yucky come Monday cause I sleep in so late on the weekends. Its just that I have to give my body some time to relax and let it do its thing...otherwise I get sick sick siiiiick! I should try to start getting up earlier on the weekends though...but I just don't wannnnna! :)

I'm lovin' the weather! Glad y'all are catching a heat-wave break too! So nice...I am in such a better mood already :)

Nichole @ The Pumpkin Seed said...

It does seem like a lot of responsibility for a first grader to keep track of a week's worth of homework at a time. Kids get a lot more homework now than I ever remember getting as a kid. Other than spelling words, I don't remember having much homework until the 4th grade.

I try not to alter my sleep schedule too much on the weekends in hopes of avoiding that Monday shock. Doesn't always work though :o)

I too hate going out for recess when it's hot. But, I also hate going out for recess when it's 5 degrees outside too.

Two more days til the weekend! Hope they're great for ya!!

Miller Racing Family said...

We are also getting the cool temps. which is fabulous. I love having the AC off and the windows open. Last week I spent the entire week fall cleaning and then today I did the fall decorating. Can you tell I am so ready for fall.