Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Blogging by Candle Light

After all the wind and rain from Tropical Storm/Depression Lee throughout Saturday and Sunday I was relieved to see the sun shining Monday morning.  However by the afternoon we were under all sorts of watches and warnings.  Flood…thunderstorm…tornado. 
We got a small amount of wind and rain and that was about it.  We went to the grocery store and Sam’s and came home to eat grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner.  Simply because we forgot to get hamburger meat to make vegetable soup!  {ahh…forgetting things on my list..the story of my life!} 
We sat down and started watching last weeks episodes of America’s Got Talent and had just finished up the last bites of our cheesy goodness when the power went out.  No rain…no wind…no power.  Seriously?! 
I grabbed the cell phone and called the power company to report the outage.  The recording said that it was because of the severe weather in our area and that they were working on it.  We know that our power runs on the same lines as the stop light down by our house and so Zack called the police dept to tell them.  This is usually a perk of living on a main street….they need this stop light to help prevent wrecks.  We have rarely been without power for too terribly long.  Thankfully.
Well we decided to leave the house and drive around.  After all we live in the century of internet..cable tv…lights…air conditioning and ceiling fans.  What would we do besides drive around?! 
We drove around to see where the power was out at.  There was actually a huge section without power.  I told Zack to drive down to the marina to see what we could see.  Wow.  It was really awesome and the kids were impressed by the waves at the bay.  After all this is the kind of stuff you see at the beaches here.  Definitely not the bay!
And of course the wind was sailing!
We went around and parked where tons of others were sight seeing as well.  The waves were crashing up against the end of the Mariana.
The sky was gorgeous in so many places.  There were the dark storm clouds starting to give way to the blue skies with the sun light setting.  The moon even was even out.
So far it’s almost 8pm {Monday night} and we are still without power.  I think it’s been right at 3 hours since we lost power.  The kids have had their baths.  Luckily they got them earlier before we lost power.  Now I just hope it comes back on soon because the kids need to get to bed and I know they won’t sleep without night lights and ceiling fans. 
Yea…I guess we are pretty spoiled.


Kelli @ RTSM said...

We had the same kind of weather all weekend, but luckily we never lost power. We even managed to throw a birthday party:) Today the clouds are gone, and sky is just gorgeous!

Miller Racing Family said...

Bless your heart. I am glad you got out and got these great photos. I love the last ones with the beautiful sky.
Don't worry my kids are spoiled as well, they have to have their music on or they can't sleep.
Hope the power is back on!

Kelli said...

We are spoiled! Look at those crazy waves. I think it's kind of cool that you all got out and drove around. Is it back yet?

Jenna said...

Glad that's all you guys got was no power, it could totally be worse. We had a very similar situation a few years ago when hurricane Ike hit Galveston, no rain, no wind, and no power. Hopefully you guys got the power restored quickly.

Jilly said...

Well, We also had the same kind of weather all weekend, but luckily we never lost power. We even managed to enjoy all parties and today the clouds are gone, and sky is just gorgeous.

Terry said...

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