Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Post Where I Make Up for Not Posting ;)

As I sit here on this beautiful Sunday afternoon I am thinking that it’s been awhile since I actually posted a “real” post, and I guess that I have so much to say that I could do that right about now.  I’m gonna go with bullets to keep my thoughts in order. :-)  There is a tornado of thoughts and goings on in my mind/life right about now.

  • Never again will I wait until the weekend to clean house/wash clothes again.  I have no idea why I didn’t follow my list this week but I have been off kilter just a bit.  I have washed so far 5 loads of laundry today and still have more to go.  Yesterday afternoon while Zack was cooking dinner I cleaned house.  The whole 10 yards…dust rooms, vacuum and scrub bathrooms. 
  • Zack did indeed cook dinner!  He made Pioneer Woman’s chicken fried steak, gravy and mashed potatoes.  I do have to brag like a WHOLE lot because it was delicious!  I love that he has picked up cooking on the weekends.  It’s such an awesome break for me.  He’s making beef stew for dinner tonight!
  • Speaking of Zack….he’s out washing his car and mine right now.  They were both long over due for a bath and he said he wanted to get that done.
  • What happened to our cooler weather the weatherman said we’d get this weekend??  It didn’t happen.  It’s been hot!  Normally I wouldn’t complain but…
  • I got out my Fall and Halloween decorations today and without the cooler weather it seems strange to be staring at pumpkins, bats and spiders.  Ya know?
  • Speaking of the decorations I will have a post with pictures on that this week.  I can’t wait!  Now if we could have cooler weather please, it would really make my week!
  • My brother and sister n law are coming down this weekend and I really can’t wait!  I have been missing them SO much!  It will be a great little mood lifter. 
  • Oh and just so you know, my laptop is officially trash.  I wrote the post about never buying another Compaq computer again…well this past week I went to turn it on and it sounded like an alarm clock going off and it would never load up.  Zack got it to load up by messing with it and we immediately connected it to the external hard drive and got everything off there.   Luckily all our pictures and videos are safe and sound now.  And as of right now I am tick tacking away on the snails pace ancient desk top.  Zack cleaned all the viruses off and removed some software and what not to help speed things up.  It’s better than nothing.  I just have to figure it out all over again. :-/  And as far as me getting a new computer…that’s not gonna happen right now since we are saving for Christmas. 

Wow, guess I had a lot on my mind…I could have kept going but I have to save something for later. ;-) 

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Miller Racing Family said...

Wow sounds like you have been busy. I also hate waiting till the weekend to wash clothes and clean the house. But I also waited to long this week. So I feel like all I have done is wash clothes. I watched PW make this meal on the food network and I can't wait to make it.