Monday, September 19, 2011

Miscellany Monday {blisters, God, epic winning, tears, bats and spiders}

Miscellany Monday @
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Let’s see…this is pretty random indeed!

- I burned my arm on a cookie sheet Friday night.  Kayla spent the night with one of her friends and so we decided to do pizza rolls and sweet potato fries.  Needless to say, I burned myself.  I burn myself here and there all the time.  I have fairly thick skin when it comes to getting burned because I never have blistered.  Until now.  This is horrible and I will be extra careful from now on.

- God blessed us with a blessing that I’m not going to mention.  He knows what it’s for.  I just wanted to thank him! {again}

- I have been lucky with Facebook lately.  I have won two local giveaways.  One was recently to an Italian restaurant, where I won a free appetizer.  The other was a $25 gift certificate to The Cheesebarn.  I usually don’t win anything so this is big for me!  I’m picking up the gift certificate in just a bit. 

- Kelsie has cried for the last week or so every morning when I drop her off.  It’s heart breaking and hard.  She tells me everyday she hates math. Thing is she is awesome at it.  She made a 100 on her math test last week.  She just hates math. :-/  Lucky for her they didn’t do any today.  Maybe she’ll think the same for tomorrow and won’t get upset.  Any suggestions?

- Today has been a typical Monday. I am ready for Tuesday!

- I have been decorating and our house has been taken over by bats and spiders!


Meghan said...

Sorry to hear about the burn. Lots of neosporian!!!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I bet your house look so cute all decorated for Halloween. Ouch about the burn. Most of my burns come from my hot glue gun:)

A-K said...

Awe, I want to decorate for Halloweenie! Gotta way until payday next week though :) Poor Kelsie- I can relate...I HATE math too...but it still doesn't mean we don't have to do it :( unfortunately. At least she is grasping it--that's great! Maybe it's just more than math..prolly just homesick :)

Miss yall very much!!!

Kelli said... careful. Ouch. I hope your arm feels better soon. Do you think sweet K is bored with math and that's why she doesn't like it? I would sit down with her teacher and see what suggestions she has. That makes me sad that she cries like that. Happy Tuesday!!!