Sunday, August 7, 2011

Rearranging Life

As I sit here in my newly rearranged living room, I wonder how life sometimes gets rearranged.  Sometimes the rearranging is for the good.  Say for instance you try and save up money from each pack check by cutting out your daily Starbucks habit.  You just rearrange things to make it happen.  But then sometimes you have to rearrange things to cope with situations that are taking place.  Say your headed to Target but your child simply pitches a fit and has the worst temper tantrum known to man and you decide that it’s not worth the effort and you can do without the toilet paper and just use napkins.

When said temper tantrum happens you then start questioning things going on in your life and then start looking at where to rearrange things because all the ugliness seems to rear it’s head all at once.  That is when you decide to make changes and rearrange. 

That sorta happened with me.  Well not the tantrum keeping us from going to Target.  That tantrum happened in the middle of Target because Kelsie wanted something because Kayla was getting something.  Of course Kayla was spending birthday money and Kelsie was told that her birthday is in a couple of weeks and she couldn’t get anything.  That situation then in turn made me upset and begin questioning where it all started and how did my child become the screaming, crying, I get my way all the time kid pitching their fit in the middle of the store only to make everybody within a 6 aisle radius look your way.  I got in the car agitated because even after ALL that, Zack still let her look at the toys and she was still able to get a pack of mints!  See how I start questioning and then start the blame game?  Yep. 

Then here I am sitting on my couch in that newly rearranged living room thinking about what to rearrange in my life. 

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Kelli said...

Oh how I'm right there with you!